Decision Maker’s Kit

Discover a content support platform that makes it easier to choose a SASE solution, explain its value to your company management, and onboard your organization. Here you will find adapted content, formats, and tools for different stages of choosing and implementing your security solution.

Everything provided for your organization


Discover the simplest way to make a confident SASE decision, understand the solution implementation journey, and compare providers on the aspect that matter.

Solution journey

Main stages and time required to choose, test, and scale a new solution in the form of a visualized timeline.

Comparing solutions

A ready-to-use evaluation template with key categories and attributes for solution or service comparison.

Understand terminology

A concise glossary with essential industry terms explained in simple language for both IT managers and employees.


Find clear introductory materials on the value of network access security, solution landscape, and related questions adapted for your company’s management teams.

Business value

The key arguments are how to present network access security solutions and show the business value to the management.

Needs identification

An interactive tool to evaluate the need for cybersecurity solutions and identify potential risks your organization is facing.

Handling objections

A ready-to-use guide for most common managerial objections and prepared answers on how to handle them.


Deploy painless and robust toolkits and ready-made materials adapted for employee onboarding across your organization with ease.

Introducing the solution

A guide on how to introduce new solutions internally using one of the two most prominent tactics - enforcing or encouraging.

Employee onboarding

Onboarding manual with screenshots and a step-by-step guide for successful implementation journey and high adoption rate.

When to use NordLayer

Fully prepared email campaign to remind employees when and why to use NordLayer.

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Fastest support of any service or vendor I've used. They're always there, just a click away in their website instant chat, and the support folks are knowledgeable and resolve queries quickly.

- Paul H


Simple to install and operate, no funny business, and so fast that our teams don't notice they are using it.

- Chris


We were looking for an easy way to securely connect our remote workforce to our infrastructure. This is it. Awesomely quick, friendly, and efficient support. Got us up and running in no time.

- Ludovic

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