Protect tomorrow's minds today: Cybersecurity for educational institutions

Trust us to protect your educational community with reliable cybersecurity measures that work seamlessly in the background. With NordLayer, you can focus on educating future generations while we guard your every digital step.

14-day money-back guarantee

14-day money back guarantee

NordLayer Cybersecurity solutions for education institutions


Why is cybersecurity so important in the field of education?

As education increasingly shifts online, school networks face heightened cybersecurity risks—from data breaches exposing sensitive student information to disruptions in the digital learning process. With NordLayer, your institution can ensure that both faculty and students operate in a secure digital space, no matter where learning takes place.

Ensures safe browsing

Ensures safe browsing

NordLayer creates a secure browsing environment that shields students and faculty from harmful content and cyber threats. This safety is crucial in maintaining a productive and safe educational space online.

Supports CIPA compliance

Supports CIPA compliance

NordLayer helps enforce safe internet policies with content filtering, ensuring that access to inappropriate or harmful content is blocked, supporting your institution's Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliance efforts.

Protects personal information

Protects personal information

NordLayer employs advanced traffic encryption and network security protocols to ensure that sensitive student and staff data remains confidential and secure from unauthorized access.

Blocks access to malicious websites

Blocks access to malicious websites

NordLayer provides robust protection against malicious websites, safeguarding your institution’s network from malware, ransomware, and other threats, preventing potential disruptions and safeguarding system integrity.


The main cybersecurity challenges schools, colleges & universities face

As digital dependence grows, so does the risk of security breaches: Educational institutions are increasingly reliant on digital technologies, making them prime targets for cyber threats. From sensitive student data to critical research, the stakes are high. Understanding the key cybersecurity threats and challenges is the first step in developing robust protection.

Data breaches & ransomware attacks

Data breaches & ransomware attacks

Schools, colleges, and universities store vast amounts of sensitive data, making them attractive targets for cyber attacks. Data breaches can expose personal and financial information, while ransomware attacks disrupt operations of school systems and demand hefty ransoms.

Lack of cybersecurity awareness

Lack of cybersecurity awareness

Many within the education sector lack sufficient cybersecurity training, leading to unsafe online behaviors. This increases the vulnerability of institutions to cyber threats, emphasizing the need for comprehensive cybersecurity training and protocols.

Protection of academic research & reputational integrity

Protection of academic research & reputational integrity

Academic institutions must protect the integrity and confidentiality of research data. Breaches not only compromise this data but also damage the institution's reputation, affecting their ability to attract students, faculty, and funding.

Compliance with legal & regulatory standards

Compliance with legal & regulatory standards

Educational institutions are required to adhere to strict legal and regulatory standards such as GDPR, FERPA, and CCPA. Non-compliance can result in severe penalties and damage to reputation, making robust cybersecurity measures essential.

NordLayer helps you achieve CIPA compliance

14-day money-back guarantee

14-day money back guarantee

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How NordLayer helps you overcome these challenges

Students learn how NordLayer secures internet access

Safe internet access for students

NordLayer protects internet access by ensuring that students can safely explore digital resources. Our solutions prioritize secure, controlled access, protecting users from harmful content while facilitating educational opportunities online.

Student checks NordLayer's threat protection and dns filtering features

Threat protection & DNS filtering

Educational institutions require proactive measures to ward off cyber threats and block access to malicious websites. NordLayer’s threat prevention and DNS filtering capabilities are tailored to the education sector, providing essential layers of security to prevent attacks and ensure a safe browsing environment.

Teachers check how NordLayer secures access to private resources

Secure access to private resources

Ensuring secure access to private educational resources, from databases to internal documents, is critical. NordLayer provides robust security measures that protect access to these resources, allowing faculty and students to collaborate safely and effectively from any location.

Employee check how NordLayer secures cloud data

Cloud data security

Protecting access to educational data stored in cloud apps is paramount. NordLayer implements advanced cloud firewalls that offer comprehensive threat defense, ensuring that all stored data—from student records to academic research—is securely shielded from unauthorized access.

Employee explores NordLayer's  multilayered identity authentications

Multilayered identity authentication

For educational networks, safeguarding access to resources with robust security measures is vital. NordLayer enhances your cybersecurity framework by offering a variety of authentication options including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), biometric verification, and Single Sign-On (SSO), layering these options to make logins not just faster and more convenient, but also significantly more secure.

Cybersecurity as a Service: A comprehensive suite for educational institutions

Cybersecurity as a Service (CaaS) offers the education industry a robust security solution specifically tailored for the unique needs of schools, colleges, and universities. This comprehensive suite equips schools, colleges, and universities with the tools necessary to protect their digital landscapes against evolving cyber threats, highlighting our focus on education cybersecurity.

Protect your students, faculty & data with NordLayer

NordLayer offers leading education cybersecurity solutions, specifically tailored to address the complex threats faced by the educational sector. Contact us to secure your institution's digital landscape today––we're ready to help you choose the perfect solutions based on your specific needs.

Protect your students, faculty and data with NordLayer
Super easy to integrate

Super easy to integrate

NordLayer is designed for seamless integration into existing IT infrastructures, enabling educational institutions to enhance their cybersecurity posture without disrupting current systems or processes.

Really easy to scale

Really easy to scale

Whether your institution is small or large, NordLayer's flexible architecture ensures that your cybersecurity solutions grow alongside your needs, making scaling up straightforward and stress-free.

24/7 customer support

24/7 customer support

NordLayer provides round-the-clock support to ensure your educational institution has continuous access to expert help whenever it's needed, ensuring peace of mind and swift resolutions to any issues.

Other industries

Beyond education, NordLayer also delivers customized cybersecurity solutions across various industries. Whether it’s healthcare, finance, or technology, our adaptable and robust security measures are designed to meet the unique demands of any sector.






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