Handling objections

With a growing number of cybersecurity risks and security measures available in the market, choosing a new solution might provoke some questions and objections from the management – especially if it requires additional investment. However, management buy-in is crucial not only for budget allocation. From a long-term perspective, successful management onboarding leads to continuous managers’ support and ensures that employees make better use of dedicated tools.

Most common managerial objections and answers


Handling managerial objections

Working with clients daily on cybersecurity issues, we have noticed that most IT managers still do not find it easy to discuss cybersecurity issues and priorities with their management. Even with highly developed analytical skills and many years of experience, it still can be stressful. For this reason, we have prepared a compilation of the most common questions and objections with prepared answers and guidelines on how to handle them.

As even the slightest discussion about relocating or dedicating more resources to cybersecurity changes how the board and shareholders look at taking action, objections might occur there. However, it does not mean that you should wrestle with this question on your own.

The power of information

Why does it matter? It is essential to leave no unaddressed questions or concerns within the organization. From a future perspective, the extra effort put into handling objections and questions usually ensures that managers and team leaders support the continuous use of cybersecurity tools. At the same time, employees make better use of the given materials.

Overviewing tons of pragmatic cases of our clientele helped to uncover the successful conversation tactics that clear up the decision makers’ confusion and receive the green light regarding adopting network access and security tools. We grouped these arguments into four categories — business value, organizational fit, daily value, and consideration of alternatives.

Using the Q&A format, our experts indicate the twelve most frequently asked questions by the management and provide ready-to-use answers. This way, you do not need to polish the arguments yourself.

Numbers speak for themselves

Some IT managers embrace an objective and technical approach, rich in technical features of the network security solution. Still, we suggest incorporating various arguments to win over managers’ holdouts better. Let’s briefly look at the most successful objection-handling tactics persuasive IT managers employ.

Experience suggests that showing the link between cybersecurity systems and finances holds the attention of team leaders and top managers the most. IT admins achieve such effects by indicating unforeseen expenses. For instance, on average, a data breach costs 4.45 million dollars for small-to-medium enterprises, and this number is increasing every year. It might also be good to compare the regular price of a currently used software and the prospective investment in network security and access solutions.

Potential consequences

Secondly, highlighting a hazard and potential losses – consequences of not implementing network security solutions – can also be a reason to act. If possible, it needs to be supported by recent business cases and examples. In contrast, it is also beneficial to show the business value of cybersecurity that aligns with industry goals – it is something decision-makers see as refreshing. Saved employees’ time due to smoothly functioning cybersecurity measures, continued services, uninterrupted revenue flow, and robust customer trust – you’ll want to address all these areas of concern in your communication.

Low effort, high value approach

Yet, covering the implementation topics is what most professionals find helpful. Therefore, consider the potential challenges to execution before approaching the management. Clarify if the solution is compatible and is compatible with the existing company infrastructure. Discuss and suggest specific methods to get employees on board with the changes. And don’t forget to spotlight the low effort it takes compared to the high value of the solution.

Where to start?

Explore more insights on handling the objections by checking out the prepared materials. The sheet of questions and answers might come in handy in answering why the company should prioritize the investment in cybersecurity measures and data protection. It should serve as a tool in helping to explain and emphasize the essential value of the solution.

Let us know if you need any further assistance. Whether you seek to initiate or resume the conversation with management, our experts will gladly advise you.

Most common managerial objections and answers


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