Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution

Secure business data, resources, and all users in your network with SASE. Our growing platform combines network and security functionality into one scalable, cost-efficient, and cloud-based service.

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SASE overview

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a new enterprise of network and security functions introduced by Gartner. The SASE platform converges SD-WAN and network security point solutions (FWaaS, CASB, SWG, and ZTNA) into a unified, cloud-native service. In the past, network access was implemented with point solutions, managed as silos that were complex and costly. With SASE, enterprises can reduce the time to develop new products, deliver them to the market, and become adaptable to changes in business conditions or the competitive landscape.

NordLayer’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Scheme


SASE benefits for business

The benefits of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) are that it creates a holistic platform offering businesses comprehensive security through shielded visibility, data protection, and increased edge-to-edge security for the network perimeter — and all devices within it.

Moving faster and boosting performance
Moving faster and boosting performance

Enable your employees to have the tools they need to work smarter, more efficiently, and with complete safety.

Increasing security via a unified policy
Increasing security via a unified policy

You can be safe in the knowledge that your users are free and safe to work securely — anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Removing complexity and reducing cost
Removing complexity and reducing cost

Using one SASE solution across your entire organization means easily and economically evolving your security infrastructure to accommodate all business needs.


Protect your business with NordLayer SASE solutions

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a blueprint for better business security, combining software-defined edge networking, user-centric authentication, access control and seamless integration across the cloud. Apply SASE with NordLayer to help resolve your security challenges.

SaaS security

SaaS security

SaaS security integrates business data protection and user privacy into popular applications such as Slack, Jira, Confluence, and Zendesk. NordLayer also ensures easy user access control, network segmentation, and data traffic encryption.

Threat prevention

Threat prevention

NordLayer automatically restricts access to untrusted websites, preventing potentially harmful malware or other cyber threats from infecting your device.

Workforce transformation

Workforce transformation

After covid, a lot of businesses moved their work environment to the cloud, this brought more challenges when it comes to security. NordLayer helps to enable workers to connect to company resources, do it securely and seamlessly.

Secure remote access

Secure remote access

With Smart Remote Access, admins can connect to remote devices with minimal user interference and fix things straight away. Users can be on opposite sides of the globe and remain linked, as long as both devices have the NordLayer client installed and are connected to a private gateway with Smart Remote Access capabilities turned on.

Performance assurance

Performance assurance

Fewer hops can mean lower network latency, better performance and fewer opportunities for network traffic to be exploited by threat actors. NordLynx, a new-generation VPN protocol offers improved connection, faster speeds, and better security measures than other VPN protocols, including WireGuard.

Controlled move to cloud services

Controlled move to cloud services

Cloud migrations reduce IT overheads, make businesses more agile, facilitate remote working, and allow innovative companies to expand. NordLayer assists organizations in moving into the cloud and maintaining security levels further on, allowing all businesses to exploit the benefits of the cloud safely and effectively.

Work from home safely

Work from home safely

NordLayer provides the tools that keep remote workers’ data secure, no matter where they are working. The right combination of technologies, from identity proofing, multi-factor authentication, single-sign-on, virtual private networks, adaptive authentication, and visitor management, makes it all not only possible but easy.


SASE components & NordLayer

There are several individual components that comprise the SASE framework. When provided in one easy-to-use, easy-to-combine solution like NordLayer, network security management is simplified, and the safety of your business is significantly improved.

secure access service edge

Zero Trust

Zero Trust is a ‘never trust, always verify’ approach to network access — authentication is needed prior to access being granted.

SASE solutions

Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)

FWaaS is a layer of security for a cloud-based network perimeter that enables pre-determined access controls based on user, destination, port, or protocol whether to allow or deny their attempt to gain access.

Gartner SASE Nordlayer

Cloud Access Service Broker (CASB)

NordLayer contributes to achieving CASB capabilities for your network security by combining threat prevention and data encryption security features and integrating IAM and SSO tools to control access to critical company resources.

Secure access service edge Gartner

Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

SWGs help companies execute their security policies to make internet access safer by enforcing data protection against unauthorized transfer or access. NordLayer’s features like ThreatBlock, DPI (Lite), and DNS filtering by category let restrict access to inappropriate and malicious websites.

Learning about SASE

Device Posture Security

Employees constantly access company resources remotely from multiple devices. NordLayer Device Posture Monitoring keeps track of all devices’ health in the organization.

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Protect your business with NordLayer

Start implementing SASE today, or contact our specialist if you have any more questions.


Security across your business

In alignment with SASE, NordLayer provides security at every level of the hybrid cloud environment in order to accelerate innovation and securely build, modernize, or migrate mission-critical workloads.

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To meet the security demands of today, modern businesses require more than what traditional security solutions can offer. To ensure the safety and integrity of their networks, organizations need greater control over who is accessing corporate data, which is what the SASE framework provides. Within the shifting SASE landscape, NordLayer security services provide capabilities to ensure businesses of all sizes fulfill scaling and integration challenges when building a modern secure remote access solution.