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About NordLayer

NordLayer is an adaptive network access security solution for modern businesses. We help organizations of all sizes fulfill scaling and integration challenges when building a modern secure remote access solution in an ever-evolving cybersecurity environment.


Global Remote Work Index

Remote work is revolutionizing the business landscape, and the Global Remote Work Index (GRWI) is leading the way in understanding this shift. By evaluating countries on six continents across four categories and numerous subdimensions, we shed light on the current state of remote work. Discover the top-scoring countries to plan your next remote work adventure.

GRWI 2023

The latest GRWI assesses 108 countries and measures their potential in four dimensions that focus on cybersecurity, economic factors, infrastructure, and, notably, social safety. The latter is a new addition, enhancing the quality of remote work assessment. All the data were carefully compiled by experts, reflecting up-to-date studies and reliable insights.

GRWI 2022

The very first GRWI was compiled in 2022 and assessed and compared 66 countries’ attractiveness as remote work locations in four main categories: cyber safety, economic and social conditions, digital and physical infrastructure, and COVID-19 response and handling.


Meet us in person

NordLayer team will be present at the following worldwide events:

Pax8 Beyond

Pax8 Beyond

9-11th June 2024 Denver, USA 

Ingram SMB Unplugged

Ingram SMB Unplugged

17-19th June 2024 Buffalo (NY), USA

XChange Security

XChange Security

15-17th July 2024 Dallas (TX), USA

Telarus Partner Summit

Telarus Partner Summit

6-8th August 2024 Nashville (TN), USA


NordLayer evaluation by clients





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Fastest support of any service or vendor I've used. They're always there, just a click away in their website instant chat, and the support folks are knowledgeable and resolve queries quickly.

- Paul H


Simple to install and operate, no funny business, and so fast that our teams don't notice they are using it.

- Chris


We were looking for an easy way to securely connect our remote workforce to our infrastructure. This is it. Awesomely quick, friendly, and efficient support. Got us up and running in no time.

- Ludovic

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NordLayer’s most significant accomplishments

Every strong industry player knows that excellence comes in various forms. Being accredited by world-renowned institutions & industry leaders is just one of many.

Forbes Technology Council

Forbes Technology Council

Top Remote Desktop Software

Top Remote Desktop Software 2024

By Tekpon

Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Network Access Control 2024

By Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Best Security Innovation In a SaaS Product (B2B, Enterprise) 2023

By SaaS Awards

Cybersecurity bronze winner 2023

By Merit Awards for Technology

Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards

By Globee Business Excellence Awards 2022

Best Business Technology Pivot 2023

By Stevie Awards

Best Overall Remote Work Security Solution of the Year 2023

Best Overall Remote Work Security Solution of the Year 2023

By Annual RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards

Best-Of Enterprise VPNs

By Expert Insights Spring 2022

Capterra Shortlist 2023

Encryption Software Shortlist

Next Gen Cybersecurity-as-a-Service

By Global Infosec Awards 2022

Most Innovative Zero Trust

Most Innovative Zero Trust

By Cyber Defense Magazine

Best Network Security

Best Network Security

By Best Reviews


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The Nord Security product family

NordLayer is developed by Nord Security, a leader in the global cybersecurity solutions market.

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Advanced VPN solution that helps businesses and teams access company resources and work remotely in full security.

NordVPN icon


One of the most reliable VPN services in the world that encrypts internet traffic and protects online identity.

NordPass icon


A password manager with top security, simplicity, and intuitive changes.

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Powerful end-to-end encryption tool for storing, syncing, and sharing files securely.


NordLayer studies & research

Statistics, insights, and data in one place: get the latest NordLayer reports here.

Working longer hours 2020

Employees spending an extra 2.5 hours working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Global Remote Work Index 2023

Denmark tops the Global Remote Work Index 2023 ranking, followed by the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Sweden.

LinkedIn scams report

LinkedIn scams report

67% of small businesses experience financial loss after falling victim to different LinkedIn scams.


NordLayer publications on major media platforms

Cybersecurity provider NordVPN Teams rebrands as NordLayer

New brand underlines commitment to accelerate the move towards SASE framework and support the dynamic secure access needs of digital enterprises.

5 innovative cybersecurity training methods to try in 2021

Engaging methods raise workers’ awareness up to 13 times.

Digital security in the post-pandemic business landscape

COVID-19 is changing the digital threat perimeter.

Next generation cloud security

According to Garner, 99% of the vulnerabilities exploited by the end of 2020 were the ones known by security and IT professionals at the time of the incident.

Top 5 highest-profile data breaches

Cybercriminals are coming for corporate wallets.

The 5 most common cybersecurity mistakes and the ways to avoid them

Against steadily increasing cyberattacks, companies should embrace holistic solutions rather than temporary ones.