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How a remote access VPN works

While VPN technology isn’t new, remote access VPN as a service is a modern security solution for everyday business needs. Your teams need to work safely from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

A remote access VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your organization’s resources, endpoint devices on the network, and the employees using them — shielding all online activity from outside users, and safeguarding sensitive areas of the network. A remote access VPN works to mitigate the risk of internal data breaches, facilitate remote workers, and defend against malicious attacks.

As part of a robust security solution - like NordLayer - remote access VPNs for business offer a flexible and cost-effective way for companies to secure their remote teams, address their ad-hoc needs, and protect critical assets.

Scheme how Remote Access VPN works

Seamless remote business network access, wherever you are

A remote access VPN can be deployed in minutes, provide instant access to your applications, and enable you to manage permissions to critical resources when used with an IP allowlist (whitelist).

Custom Gateways

Provides smooth access to business resources

With a dedicated server, you can create custom gateways for your team members, and ensure safe and convenient access to company resources wherever they are.

Remote access and public wifi

Prevents unauthorized users

You decide which users can access sensitive corporate assets. Using the remote access VPN within a flexible security solution - such as NordLayer - you can quickly achieve segmentation by assigning team IP addresses — controlling access to gateways and servers you choose.

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When is a remote access VPN needed?

Connecting to a work network from anywhere

If you have a distributed workforce, or you’re working remotely, a secure connection to your company network is vital. A remote access VPN encrypts online traffic, allowing you to access resources and keep data safe while working across any wi-fi connection.

Accessing work files

Remote access to work files is essential in today’s climate. A remote office VPN enables you to securely access resources and applications on your company network whilst keeping them away from unauthorized users, and hidden from public view.

Office-to-office VPN

Business network perimeters must be encrypted and tunneled to accommodate remote workers and other office locations. NordLayer can build dedicated gateways that enable secure access to your company’s LAN, so everyone has controlled access to safely connect to company resources.

Multi-layer security

With ThreatBlock malware protection and two-factor authentication (2FA), your team’s devices get advanced security — and you get peace of mind. With remote access VPN auto-connect and AES 256-bit encryption, your endpoints and devices can connect securely on any network.

Challenges for your business

NordLayer remote access VPN benefits

Advanced digital protection with a remote access VPN specifically built for businesses like yours. Scalable, flexible, and totally hardware-free.

Access and security

Access and security for BYOD

With our remote access VPN, a whole workforce can operate securely on any network, and using an device — including those within BYOD policies. NordLayer encrypts online traffic and safeguards your sensitive corporate data so your team can work wherever and whenever they want.

Remote access

Remote access

With NordLayer, your employees can access company resources remotely. We provide safe and secure access to your work accounts and company databases — no matter where you are or which device you’re on. With support for multiple operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, you can be safe in the knowledge that no matter the device being used, company data will be secure.

Encrypted cloud security

Dedicated servers

With a NordLayer Advanced plan, you can purchase dedicated servers on-demand from locations around the world. Manage access control for your Cloud apps with IP allowlisting (whitelisting) and a dedicated server that makes for a safer and more convenient working environment.

Combined solutions

Seamless integration

Bolstering your current security setup is easier than you might think.vCompatible with various cloud services, you can effortlessly implement our access control functionality alongside existing security solutions, whatever your skill level. Create an additional layer of protection for your major cloud applications.

Hardware-free and easy to deploy

Hardware-free and easy to deploy

No additional infrastructure is required — NordLayer is a plug-and-play solution giving you the flexibility to grow without the shackles of a traditional, manual setup.

Seamless integration

Third-party authentication

Keep things simple with no need for additional business credentials. NordLayer offers single sign-on (SSO) integration with GSuite, Azure AD, and Okta.

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Frequently asked questions

By utilizing AES-256 bit encryption, NordLayer’ solution creates a secure tunnel between endpoints — effectively blocking all traffic from outside the network.
Remote access is a byproduct of a secure connection to an internal network from an external one. In simple terms: by using a VPN, you can securely access files, sites, and apps remotely.
NordLayer office and remote access VPN offers three types of tunneling protocols. These are:
• IPSec/IKEv2 - A dependable, stable option - especially when moving between different networks.
• OpenVPN (UDP) - A good combination of speed and security, but it may not work on all networks.
• OpenVPN (TCP) - A secure and reliable protocol - although slower than UDP, TCP works on the vast majority of networks.
There is no one protocol more secure than another — they all offer pros and cons of different varieties, though. Please refer to the question above.
A site-to-site VPN creates an encrypted tunnel from one network to a remote site — think about it like this: a connection between a file server in the office and a user sitting at home. A site-to-site VPN only allows for one connection at a time

Conversely, a remote access VPN allows multiple users to connect to a private network in order to access the resources and services of your company. It’s beneficial for businesses that have multiple remote employees.