Smart Remote Access

Smart remote access helps make sure business operations work at optimal efficiency by creating secure connections between devices without physical limitations.

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what is it?

What is Smart Remote Access?

Smart remote access helps users create a virtual LAN (Local Area Network) and access devices on the internal network. Secure all endpoints and enable safe file sharing without the barriers of a traditional LAN.

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Get the Premium plan to utilize Smart Remote Access

14-day money-back guarantee

14-day money-back guarantee

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Benefits of Smart Remote Access

Manage issues seamlessly

Manage your team’s workload, troubleshoot technical issues in real-time, and resolve them quickly to avoid working disruption to work.

Enable file transfers

Send files of any size safely and efficiently to and from any remote device with smart remote access —including data files, OS updates, etc.

Comprehensive security for gateway to gateway
Securely connect from anywhere

Use smart remote access to create secure VPN connections between your network and external devices—easily facilitating remote workers.

Save cloud storage costs

Save on costs with a more economical means of storing large amounts of data or sizeable individual files than in the cloud.


Capabilities of Smart Remote Access

Access from anywhere is critical for modern working efficiency, but smart remote access offers further security potential to businesses and their users.

Provide safe connections to your organizational systems and on-premises servers from any location, by assigning trusted device names within the NordLayer app.


How to enable Smart Remote Access in NordLayer

To enable smart remote access, you must first subscribe to NordLayer by selecting Premium Plan and downloading our app. Then, using the NordLayer Control Panel, create a virtual private gateway with dedicated server. Finally, enable the smart remote access feature by linking it to the gateway.

  1. Get Premium plan

  2. Create virtual private gateway with dedicated server

  3. Enable Smart Remote access by linking it to that gateway


Security across your business

NordLayer’s range of security features help today’s businesses protect their teams wherever they work and provides additional security for safe access to work applications and resources.

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A VLAN works much the same way as a local area network (LAN) but enables remote devices to establish a secure internet connection to business servers, or group with other devices, based on function rather than a physical site. Tools like smart remote access enable and secure these connections without the hassle of a traditional LAN like higher online traffic congestion or latency