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NordVPN Teams is evolving — offering more advanced solutions, we’re delighted to announce our new identity, NordLayer.

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Reap the benefits of customizable VPN features

Customizable VPN for Business
Control Panel

Manage user accounts, control permissions, create gateways — all from one centralized Control Panel.

Centralized billing

Handle all NordLayer expenses with ease — you won’t receive multiple invoices since they are sent for all users at once.

Account management
Dedicated account managers

Dedicated account managers are available to help you make the best of NordLayer every step of the way.

Robust server infrastructure

NordLayer meets the varying growth pace and ad-hoc cybersecurity requirements of agile businesses and distributed workforces today. Our wide network of servers ensures smooth performance — allowing your team to work securely from locations worldwide.

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Keep your remote teams safe

Customizable and easy-to-use corporate network security

Remote access
Conveniently access company resources on the go. Whether you’re working from home, a shared workspace, or a conference, a VPN enables you to access all business data securely.
Stay ahead of the competition
View and optimize website, advertising and marketing content internationally through secure servers in 33 different countries.
Working Remotely from Home
VPN with Multiple Locations
Work from anywhere with Business VPN
NordLayer user management
Cutting-edge encryption
Protect data on your devices with one click. NordLayer encrypts all internet traffic with AES 256-bit encryption used by top security experts across the globe.
Scalable platform
Scale NordLayer as your organization grows. Add user licenses, dedicated servers, and company gateways as you go.

Boost the level of protection on every device

Protect every desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and phone connected to your network. NordLayer apps are available for Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux devices.

Mobile VPN Features
Two-factor authentication
Get an additional layer of security with two-factor authentication. Access the app using Google Authenticator, Authy or phone-based authentication.
Kill switch
If your connection drops even for a second, the kill switch will cut off all the internet traffic on your device, ensuring none of your information ever gets exposed online.
Third-party login
No need to create yet another online account. Use your existing credentials to log in to NordLayer with Azure AD, Google, and Okta.

Take full control of your security platform

Own your network security with our easy-to-use Control Panel.

Create Custom Gateways with Dedicated IP
Custom gateways
Create gateways dedicated to specific teams and company branches. Assign specific company servers, choose virtual locations, and determine which team members can access particular gateways.
Easy to use Business VPN
License transferability
Add, remove, or transfer NordLayer business accounts. You don’t need to worry about losing a user license in case of personnel changes — simply transfer the old account to a new employee.
Advanced network access control
Advanced Network Access Control
Become the gatekeeper of your network through a bespoke IP whitelisting solution, and assign user permissions based on their IPs. Prevent critical data breaches by giving employees access only to the resources they need to do their job.Find out more

Dedicated support 24/7

No matter when and what inquiry you may have, our professional, dedicated support team will help you in up to 3 hours. Contact us by email, or live chat whenever you need.


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Advanced digital security with NordLayer

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