Always one step ahead: Workforce IAM  solutions

With the rise of remote & hybrid employees using SaaS tools, businesses need dependable protection for their digital spaces. Initial connection points are often the most vulnerable, enabling cyber attackers to compromise network security. Workforce Identity & Access Management solutions step in to defend these weak access points.

Workforce IAM


What is Workforce Identity & Access Management?

Workforce Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a security system that combines employee authentication and permission management. Its goal is really simple: keep unauthorized users away from company networks and resources.

However, Workforce IAM isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. It's a tailored security process that considers each network's unique architecture and requirements. The IAM system ensures employees can securely and easily log in while allowing IT teams to manage access across the entire network, protecting critical assets from cyber attacks.

Workforce IAM scheme


Why is Workforce IAM crucial for your business?

Poor user profile management and weak access security can risk business's safety online, creating security gaps in applications and databases. This exposure allows attackers to breach and move within your network, making the sign-on process a critical weak point.

Strengthens your network security

Strengthens your network security

Workforce IAM strengthens security by using role-based access controls, multi-factor authentication, and other features to protect your company’s data, digital assets, and applications.

Helps with meeting compliance requirements

Helps with meeting compliance requirements

Workforce IAM tools help organizations meet regulatory requirements like HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA by offering features like audit trails, access logs, and other compliance solutions.


Increases your operational efficiency

Workforce IAM models boost your operational efficiency by automating tasks like user account setup, password resets, and permission management.

Saves your time, money & resources

Saves your time, money & resources

Workforce IAM helps save time, money, and human resources by streamlining identity and access control tasks, while also reducing the costly risk of security breaches and data loss.

Boosts employee productivity

Boosts employee productivity

A simplified login process with extensive single sign-on (SSO) capabilities lets your workforce securely access the apps and data needed for their daily tasks. This improves employee experience and boosts productivity, enabling them to work more effectively.

Promotes scalability

Promotes scalability

Whether a team of 5 or a 1000, Workforce IAM can easily scale to meet any organization's growth needs, helping businesses manage their identity and access requirements more efficiently.


Effortlessly tackle your Workforce Identity & Access Management challenges

Simplify the login process and increase productivity with secure sign-on solutions that reduce helpdesk calls. Safely access your apps from any device or location using a secure application access approach.


Your employees deserve stress-free access management tools

Robust access solutions protect on-site and remote employees, securing sensitive assets. Following Zero Trust principles, they guard against unauthorized access and offer extra protection against untrusted users and malicious software.

Workforce IAM SSO

Single Sign-On

One-click, secure access feature that helps your end-users reach the resources they need.

Workforce IAM MFA

Multi-Factor Authentication

Verify user identities and strengthen your network security beyond the level provided by traditional passwords.

Workforce IAM Virtual Private Gateway

Virtual Private Gateway

Establish a safe tunnel to connect and transport encrypted data between your devices, the cloud, and enterprise servers across the internet.

Workforce IAM SWG

Secure Web Gateways (SWG)

Protect your hybrid workforce from malicious websites and cloud applications – anywhere, any application, and any device.

Workforce IAM Biometric Authentication

Biometric authentication

Verify your user identities using a device’s fingerprint and facial recognition features.

Workforce IAM User Provisioning

User Provisioning

Set up user accounts with specific rights and permissions based on the user's role in the company, allowing for easy monitoring, management, and modification if necessary.

Workforce IAM Network Segmentation

Network Segmentation

Define access via permissions with unique security controls to limit lateral movement and unauthorized access – enabling secure connectivity in a risk-free environment.

Workforce IAM Device Posture Monitoring

Device Posture Monitoring

Empower your admins to check and evaluate member devices according to predefined security rules and get notified about non-compliant activities.


Unified Identity & Access Management Solution

SSE framework implementation can protect your business data, resources, and all network users. The SSE framework provides a comprehensive security blueprint integrating cloud services seamlessly while incorporating user-centric authentication and access control measures.

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Identity & Access Management

It's about time to consolidate your CASB, SWG, and ZTNA capabilities with a single, reliable SSE vendor. This will enhance your organization's agility and strengthen your ability to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats.


Launch Nordlayer’s Workforce IAM in a few simple steps

NordLayer's Workforce IAM solutions reduce cyber risks with a complete system for managing user identities, roles, and access rights.

By using multi-factor authentication and access management features, only trusted employees and authorized users can access company resources, going beyond standard password security.

The adaptive IAM tools help protect your network and manage identity access, catering to your organization's unique needs and requirements.

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