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Connect with confidence — exchange your organization’s data safely and securely through a virtual private gateway.

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What is a Virtual Private Gateway?

A virtual private gateway is a tool for establishing a safe tunnel to connect and transport encrypted data between devices, the cloud, and enterprise servers across the internet. Use a virtual private gateway to create a VPN connection that is both secure and reliable.

Virtual private gateway scheme

Unlock up to 30 Virtual Private Gateway locations with the Core plan

14-day money-back guarantee

14-day money-back guarantee

NordLayer Core Plan


Virtual Private Gateway benefits

Create a safe and secure perimeter to protect and connect all business information and authorized users and devices.

Accessible for everyone and easy to manage

Accessible for everyone and easy to manage

Comprehensive security for gateway to gateway

Comprehensive security for site-to-site VPN connection

Point-to-Site VPN access for all remote workers

Site-to-site VPN access for all remote workers

Secure connection from any location

Securely connect from any global location

Fixed IP address exclusively for your business

Fixed IP addresses exclusively for your business

Connect and route traffic to a Custom DNS for improved online safety

Connect and route traffic to a Custom DNS for improved online safety


Virtual Private Gateways with NordLayer

A VPN gateway creates a secure VPN connection across the internet, so you can connect your private business cloud and your on-premises network.

Use cases:


Enable traditional site-to-site VPN connections.


Create encrypted VPN tunnels to connect and protect data in transit.


Use with Smart Remote Access to connect to other devices and access resources.


Protect legacy OS devices that require full VPN solutions.


Reduced need for an encrypted VPN tunnel connection on an ad-hoc basis.


Getting a Virtual Private Gateway is easy

Prior to creating a virtual private gateway, sign up for a NordLayer Core or Premium subscription plan with a dedicated server. Once your business is registered with NordLayer, begin creating your private gateways in three simple steps:

Choose plan and sign up for nordlayer

Choose your plan and sign up for NordLayer

Invite members

Invite members

Safe private gateway and fixed ip address

Easily set up teams, private gateways, and streamline your organization’s cybersecurity.

Connect NordLayer easily with other security providers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can connect more than one VPN connection with one virtual private gateway - from multiple devices - to enable a VPN connection from any location.