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NordLayer network access control solution


Network Access Control overview

NAC comprises a series of security solutions that expand network visibility and access management via device and user policies. The purpose of NAC is to protect all reaches of corporate networks.

Network Access Control overview

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Core and Premium plan

How does NordLayer’s NAC solution work?

Network Access Control (NAC) serves as a tool within a security framework, enabling the customization of access to networks according to specific needs, strategies, and infrastructure. It empowers administrators to enforce access rules on devices and users, using security protocols for authenticating and authorizing requests, often with third-party authentication integration.

NAC also provides the framework for establishing secure connections and managing user access to resources based on their roles, enabling administrators to ensure users do not exceed their permissions.

Network access control scheme


Why is NAC important for business?

Improved security

Network Access Control solutions authenticate all users as and when they access the network, giving admins insight into all devices in use across your organization and monitoring overall activity. Should any unauthorized user attempt to gain access or suspicious activity be detected, you can take immediate action and reduce the threat of cyberattack or malware infiltration.

Increased visibility

Keeping track of all users and endpoints in your organization is key for several cybersecurity reasons — which are authorized, which have restricted access, and the devices that are due to be replaced. NAC provides visibility features to form a real-time inventory of users and endpoints throughout your business.

Regulatory compliance

NAC solutions are more than just methods of mitigating security risks. They achieve this effectively, but selecting the best ones for your business can aid your organization towards meeting compliance standards. NordLayer NAC solutions introduce controls for compliance under regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, and PCI-DSS.


Protect your organization with NordLayer NAC solutions

Secure access for contractors

Control access for a hybrid workforce

Modern teams require seamless and secure access to critical work tools and information, whether at the company headquarters or working remotely from various parts of the world. NAC ensures that your team stays connected safely, allowing for flexible remote work without compromising security.

Secure access for contractors

Regulate third-party access: partners, vendors & others

In today's interconnected business landscape, collaborating with external partners is unavoidable. Network Access Control solutions ensure that these partners access only the necessary tools and data, enabling efficient collaboration without posing unnecessary risks to your network.

Network access for non-employees

Manage access for short-term contractors & freelancers

The growing trend of project-based hiring means more temporary team members. With NAC, you can guarantee that these professionals only access resources relevant to their tasks. This approach balances the flexibility of short-term collaboration with the imperative of network security.


NordLayer's multi-layered NAC approach

With NordLayer, you're not just getting a singular solution. You're gaining a multifaceted toolkit, designed to layer upon each other for advanced Network Access Control. Embrace the strength of stacking multiple access control options for optimal network security.

NordLayer provides robust control based on user identity. Not only does it integrate seamlessly with major identity management platforms like Google Workspace, Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin, and JumpCloud for secure user management, but it also facilitates:

  • Network Segmentation: Decide which members and teams can or cannot access the network.
  • Authorized Access: With Single Sign-On (SSO), biometric authentification, and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), ensure that only the right people are accessing the network.


Build your own NAC solution with our features

Our NAC features can help your IT admins build comprehensive access policies ideally suited to your organization.



Biometric authentication

Dedicated IP

Network segmentation

Smart Remote Access

Jailbroken device detection

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NordLayer NAC solution

What is NAC?

Interested in boosting your network's security and refining access management for both users and devices? Dive deeper into the essentials of Network Access Control (NAC) and discover its critical role in protecting your digital ecosystem.

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Frequently asked questions

Businesses should adopt a NAC solution to safeguard their network security infrastructure against cyber attacks from malicious users and infiltration from rogue agents and malware. NAC solutions assist in flagging any unauthorized access attempts or perimeter breaches so admins can deal with them immediately.