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The remote and hybrid workforce isn't going anywhere and there are many questions about how to ensure the security of identities, data, and physical access across a decentralized workplace.

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Hybrid Work Security Solutions

New ways of working create new vulnerabilities

Maintaining data security is challenging enough for organizations. Now, in the hybrid work era, it’s even more complicated. Applications spread data everywhere, unmanaged devices are in heavy use, and attacks are becoming more common.

Hybrid work best practices

You don"t have to compromise security for more flexibility. Protect your remote employees by verifying user identities, enabling secure access, and defending against threats.

Adopt Zero Trust Network Access

A ZTNA framework is the only thing capable of ensuring security in such an environment while still enabling productivity.

Verify authorized users

Verify the identity of all users before granting permission to corporate apps, and give your network an added layer of security.

Extend protection to devices

Enable secure remote work for your employees, especially when operating Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.

Protect your employees

Remote work security solutions

When one of your users leaves the safety of your perimeter you lose a significant amount of visibility and control over their security. The problem becomes worse when they connect from locations with limited protections, open Wi-Fi connections, shoulder surfers, and ever-present distraction. The attack surface is widened and data breaches may occur.

BYOD Security

BYOD Security

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies enable employees to work with their personal devices within corporate organizations — to undertake tasks like email correspondence, connecting to the business WAN, and using company apps and data.

Remote Access VPN

Remote Access VPN

A remote access VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your organization’s resources, endpoints, and the employees using them — shielding all online activity from outside users, and safeguarding sensitive areas of the network.

Zero Trust

Zero Trust

Adopt a cyber security solution that’s focused on removing implicit trust from any user or device that attempts to gain entry to a company network. With a ‘trust none, verify all’ principle, business network segmentation can be achieved.



SASE is a multi-layered framework that brings together software-defined networking and modern security capabilities. NordLayer is designed with the ever-changing SASE landscape in mind — guarding against both internal and external threats.


How NordLayer can help your hybrid workplace

Your employees are confident you have the tools to keep their data secure, no matter where they are working. Keep that confidence high with the right combination of technologies, from identity proofing, multi-factor authentication, single-sign-on, virtual private networks, adaptive authentication, and visitor management.

smart access

Smart Remote Access

Share files endpoint-to-endpoint when multiple user devices are connected to NordLayer


Remote access VPN

NordLayer’s VPN capabilities allow for safe working, data transfer, and file sharing.

enhanced security

Cloud integrations

NordLayer integrates with platforms such as AWS, Azure to provide seamless security across your entire business.


AES 256-bit encryption

NordLayer utilizes military-grade tunnel encryption to hide your traffic and online activity from users on the open internet.

network access management

Network access management

Set permissions and security policies for users and apps to ensure only authorized staff can reach sensitive and confidential data.

BYOD security

BYOD security

NordLayer provides security to personally-owned devices needed to enter business networks.



NordLayer automatically restricts untrusted websites and users to protect your users from malware, ransomware, and viruses.


Jailbroken device detection

NordLayer detects devices that are vulnerable to attack and alerts admins immediately.

network segmentation

Network segmentation

Create teams and private gateways each with a dedicated IP, enabling admins to segment their local networks and restrict certain data to those who really need it.



Multi-factor authentication is used to validate a user's credentials, ensuring only trusted employees can access their device - and in turn - the network.

network segmentation

User provisioning

In addition to creating user identities in cloud apps, automatic provisioning also includes the maintenance and removal of such user identities as status or role changes.



Single sign-on allows you to use one set of security credentials to access your multiple cloud applications.

biometric authentication


Address security concerns by authenticating users based on fingerprint scanning and facial recognition, allowing secure access to only trusted users.


Easy to scale your licenses

Add, remove, or transfer user licenses in accordance with how your business grows or evolves.


Seamless integration

Expand NordLayer secure protection to cover your offices, branches, or local networks.


High performance

No matter the number of users connected to the network, speed and performance remain high and unaffected.

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Protect your remote workforces

Start securing your hybrid workplace today, or contact our specialist if you have any more questions.

Our solutions

Security across your business

NordLayer provides security in every layer of a hybrid cloud environment to help accelerate innovation and securely build, modernize or migrate mission-critical workloads.