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Ensure every user has the correct level of access for optimal security and efficient identity management.

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Why you should implement IAM?

Identity and access management (IAM) is the process of ensuring every user on the network has the correct level of verification for using resources, secure data access, and additional information they need — nothing more. There are three core benefits of IAM.

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Protect your business

Monitoring and verifying user access continuously allows businesses to understand who is inside the enterprise network and where they are attempting to access. Modern security solutions help identify anomalies and make managing permissions simple.

Enable digital transformation

Quickly enabling trusted user access to data resources, and applications is made possible for IT admins. Whoever you’re giving access to - enterprise users, third-party administrators, or consumers - the experience should be efficient and seamless.

Establish full compliance

The compliance landscape shifts frequently and businesses must be vigilant in their efforts to keep up — GDPR and PSD2 compliance caught many company owners off-guard in recent years. Manage access certifications and stay prepared to meet new compliance standards.

Man considers Zero Trust solution for IAM implementation

Zero Trust security for IAM

Zero Trust security verifies all user identities before network access permissions are granted. IAM solutions utilize several tools to ensure all users are trusted.


IAM solutions

Modern IAM solutions provide a reliable and efficient platform for implementing Zero Trust principles. Businesses should be able to easily roll out security to their assets, data, and users.

Consumer identity and access management

Consumer IAM enables automated verification for customers to access online stores and web portals in a similar way to corporate IAM — the differentiation being customers manage their own accounts and data.

Access management

Ensure users and devices accessing the network are verified with such tools as SSO, biometrics, 2FA, and user provisioning.

Identity compromise protection

At its core, IAM is designed to prevent users from having compromised credentials via rigorous verification and advanced authentication procedures.

Unified identity management

Organizations can grant access permissions securely and confidently by provisioning users and monitoring activity across the business network.

Secure app access

IAM allows users to securely access many applications needed to carry out their work safely and efficiently — without impacting productivity.


Use NordLayer to build your own IAM solution

NordLayer’s range of adaptive security tools will help you assemble a custom Zero Trust identity and access management solution for your organization’s needs.

Multi-factor authentication (2FA)

Single-sign-on (SSO)

Biometric authentication

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IAM is important for businesses to guarantee that users accessing your sensitive data, internal resources, and corporate applications are trusted, and user identities are verified. All measures that organizations implement through access management are an additional layer of security to your most protected assets and another means of guarding against untrusted users and malicious software.