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What is NordLayer’s Secure Internet Access?

Secure Internet Access can mean different things to different people. For some, it might be about using antivirus software, while others might instantly think of browsing the web with a specific browser. So, when referring to NordLayer's Secure Internet Access, what exactly are we talking about?

As remote & hybrid workforce becomes the new norm, traditional security measures just won't cut it. The internet is full of cyber threats that can leak sensitive information through unapproved SaaS applications or websites using only direct internet access (DIA). That's where NordLayer steps in, offering a wide array of cutting-edge Secure Internet Access features to keep your organization safe online.

Our solutions use powerful encryption to keep your data private and unreadable to outsiders. NordLayer's security features block access to harmful websites and let you manage content categories. Plus, with our vast network of gateways, you can explore global business opportunities while keeping your users' and resources' locations under wraps.

NordLayer's Secure Internet Access solution scheme


Why do organizations need Secure Internet Access?

In the hybrid work era, Secure Internet Access is essential for seamless daily business operations. It shields remote workers and on-site users from online threats, reduces data breach risks, and facilitates the IT team's job.

Avoid cyber threats and ransomware attacks

Avoid cyber threats & ransomware attacks

As malware and phishing attacks grow more prevalent, a combination of multiple tools and strategies is needed to effectively protect the corporate network from these threats.

Secure access to the web-based and SaaS apps

Secure access to web-based & SaaS applications

Cloud-native SaaS security focuses on protecting application data from unauthorized access. It also enables easy monitoring and control over hybrid workforce SaaS access to specific data or applications within the company network.

Maintain regulatory compliance

Maintain regulatory compliance

Setting up permissions and security policies is crucial for ensuring that only authorized users can access sensitive information. This helps meet, maintain, and exceed compliance standards.


Why is NordLayer the best choice for you?

Safe isolated network connections

Guarantee safe internet browsing for your team

Efficiently protect your users from accessing phishing, malware, ransomware, malicious links, and websites in the blocked categories list or the ThreatBlock database.

Business information and sensitive data protection

Protect your business information & sensitive data

Secure remote workers and ensure data confidentiality in transit using AES 256-bit encryption.

Organize network into sections

Organize your network into sections

Implement network segmentation throughout your network, even at the app level, by utilizing Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions — it's great cyber attack prevention.

Secure access with unified management

Enforce secure access with unified management

Effortlessly guard your data and network without compromising users’ productivity with the synthesis of cybersecurity tools like Always On VPN, Auto-connect, or NordLynx protocol.

Explore global business opportunities

Explore global business opportunities

Allow your teams to access, analyze and test geo-specific content securely. Mask your IP addresses with the Shared Gateway solution and browse like a user from a chosen country.

Hide your track to accessed resources

Hide your track to accessed resources

Mislead possible threats for selecting proper tooling for a breach and do not disclose what kind and which systems you are accessing while connecting to the resources via a Gateway.


Secure Internet Access solutions

Threat Prevention

Threat Prevention

In the remote-work era, protecting the perimeter alone is no longer sufficient. Implementing multi-layered secure access controls is essential for complete network security, as it reduces threats by preventing access to potentially dangerous websites.

Cloud VPN

Cloud VPN

Cloud VPN establishes encrypted tunnels between remote workers and corporate networks, whether in the cloud or on-premises, enabling secure access from any location, 24/7.

Business VPN

Business VPN

A Virtual Private Network for business is now less of an optional extra and more of a must. It provides an encrypted end-to-end tunnel that assures only employees connected to the VPN servers can access company resources on the network.


Explore NordLayer’s Secure Internet Access Features

Experience the synergy of NordLayer's features, transforming your business cybersecurity to new heights.

Shared gateway

Shared Gateway



DNS filtering service

DNS Filtering service


Secure your business environment with modern security strategy

Security Service Edge (SSE)

NordLayer operates within the SSE framework, which combines key solutions that help you secure your organization’s data. It also ensures complete protection when your end users access the internet and cloud applications.

SSE combined solutions  ZTNA SWG and FWaaS

Secure Web Gateway (SWG) 

SWG filters harmful content from internet traffic, preventing cyber threats and data breaches. Additionally, Secure Web Gateway enforces organizational policies, ensuring compliance and preventing unauthorized user activities.

Secure Web Gateway illustration

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