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Remote working is here to stay. Be sure that your teams remain safe and secure at all times.

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Importance of Secure Remote Access

Legacy network or application security systems are struggling to meet the performance, scalability, capability requirements of modern organizations down to the rise in numbers of remote workers. Access to the outside internet, applications, and internal networks increase risk levels significantly, so every user and device requires proper protection.

NordLayer's secure remote access scheme
Nordlayers secure remote access scheme
Nordlayers secure remote access scheme


Manage remote access

Modern organizations need modern security solutions that easily adapt to the complexities of today’s hybrid working environments. Wherever their location, users, devices, apps, and data must have the same advanced level of protection.



Add multi-layered auth for all users and third-party vendors using multi-factor authentication (2FA), Single-Sign-On (SSO), Azure, and OneLogin.



Secure the network against outside threats and detect compromised remote devices that are used to infiltrate the network perimeter.



Secure access management to your various applications, cloud resources, and other accounts through ZTNA and network segmentation.


Benefits of NordLayer Secure Remote Access

Secure access anywhere, on any device

Network access controls give organizations advanced protection. Manage user permissions to business applications, resources, and data based on employee responsibility — whether they work on-site or remotely.

Securing the integrity of the network is essential, given that users often use multiple devices to undertake their work. Extending protection to laptops, tablets, and smartphones alike is vital.

Organizations rely on many web-based and internet-focused applications as part of their IT environment. As a result, users require protection whenever they connect to the internet, not just to connect to the organization’s on-premises resources.


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Other Secure Remote Access solutions

Nordlayers' IAM solution setup

Identity & Access Management

IAM ensures all remote users on the network have the correct verification level for using resources, secure data access, and additional information they need — nothing more.

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Remote Access VPN

A remote access Virtual Private Network creates an encrypted tunnel between your organization’s resources, endpoints, and the employees using them — shielding online activity and safeguarding users.

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Network Access Control

NAC expands network visibility and access management via device and user policies to protect all reaches of corporate networks.

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Threat Prevention

NordLayer automatically restricts untrusted websites and users, preventing potentially harmful malware or other cyber threats from infecting your device.

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Secure Remote Workforce Access

NordLayer helps protect your remote employees by using the right combination of technologies, from identity proofing, multi-factor authentication, single-sign-on, virtual private networks, adaptive authentication, and visitor management.

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Use NordLayer to build your own Secure Remote Access solution

NordLayer’s range of adaptive security tools will help you assemble a custom Secure Remote Access solution for your organization’s needs.

Smart remote access




Jailbroken device detection

Network segmentation


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Protect your business with NordLayer

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Secure Remote Access combines several security features to ensure only authorized access to business assets and guard against stolen or leaked sensitive information. These features include - but are not limited to - Remote Access VPN, multi-factor authentication (2FA), and Identity & Access Management (IAM).

With the number of global remote users sharply increasing in recent years, organizations are strengthening their security infrastructure with Secure Remote Access tools and adopting revised best practices for mobile users in remote locations.

There are many ways to implement Secure Remote Access, but there are four key focus areas. Creating a cybersecurity policy at your organization will make your remote employees your first line of defense and ensure they only use company-owned devices. Choosing a Secure Remote Access security product like NordLayer is the next step — make sure to use an adaptive security solution that tailors to the needs of your business. Utilize password management and multi-factor authentication to protect devices used and provide an additional layer of security to the network.

Once all is in place, it’s crucial to replenish cybersecurity knowledge across the company with compulsory cybersecurity training for new starters and regular refresher sessions for your existing staff.

Secure Remote Access can help avoid sensitive data and assets from being in the wrong hands. Cybercriminals can take any form and look to acquire information for personal gain, hold to ransom, or leak into the public domain. It’s more important than ever to safeguard your organization’s remote workforce against an attack where possible, and Secure Remote Access is an excellent place to start.