VPN Gateway

Secure connectivity between multiple sites with your information encrypted

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What is a VPN gateway

A gateway controls whether data may enter or leave the network. Technically speaking, gateways connect several networks or applications. They can transform data, communications, or information from different protocols or formats.

A VPN gateway transmits encrypted data between a virtual network and an on-premises site across public Internet. Additionally, you may transfer encrypted traffic using VPN Gateway across many locations, including private networks, clouds, and branch office data centers. You may establish many connections to a single VPN gateway. All VPN tunnels that you establish to the same VPN gateway share the gateway's available bandwidth.

VPN Gateway scheme


VPN Gateway benefits

Create a safe and secure perimeter to protect and connect all business information and authorized users and devices.

Accessible for everyone and easy to manage

Accessible for everyone and easy to manage

Comprehensive security for gateway to gateway

Comprehensive security for Gateway to gateway (site-to-site) VPN connection

Point-to-Site VPN access for all remote workers

Point-to-Site VPN access for all remote workers

Securely connect from any global location

Securely connect from any global location

Fixed IP address exclusively for your business

Fixed IP addresses exclusively for your business

Connect and route traffic to a Custom DNS for improved online safety

Connect and route traffic to a Custom DNS for improved online safety

use case

VPN Gateway use-cases

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Gateway to gateway

Enable traditional gateway to gateway (site-to-site) VPN connections. NordLayer’s site-to-site VPN uses various protocols to create secure connections between your remote sites and your AWS cloud resources.

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VPN tunnel encryption

Create encrypted VPN tunnels to connect and protect data in transit. NordLayer uses powerful military-grade AES 256-bit encryption to secure your organization's data from malicious threats.

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Access corporate network & files securely

Use Smart Remote Access to connect to other devices and access resources. Make sure your business operations work optimally by creating secure connections between devices without physical limitations.

Man checking VPN Gateway solution for protecting legacy os devices

Protect legacy os devices

Protect legacy OS devices that require full VPN solutions. This secures the network against outside threats and detects compromised remote devices that are used to infiltrate the network perimeter.

Woman talking with colleagues via secure remote access

Protect remote workforces

Employees can easily utilize secure remote access to their work environments — from any location and even on public Wi-Fi. An encrypted tunnel between your organization’s resources, endpoints, and the employees using them will shield online activity and safeguard users.


Set up a VPN gateway with NordLayer

Prior to creating a virtual private gateway, sign up for a NordLayer Core or Premium subscription plan with a dedicated server. Once your business is registered with NordLayer, begin creating your VPN gateways in three simple steps:

  1. Choose your plan and sign up for NordLayer

  2. Invite members

  3. Create private VPN gateway and rest easy

Connect NordLayer easily with other security providers


Frequently asked questions

There are two types of virtual network gateways. VPN gateways and ExpressRoute. ExpressRoute is used to transport network traffic through a private connection. This is the kind of gateway that is utilized while configuring ExpressRoute and is also known as an ExpressRoute gateway.

A VPN gateway uses a public connection to transfer encrypted data between your virtual network and your branch office location. A VPN gateway can also be used to transfer data across virtual networks.