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Our browser extension significantly expands your ability to connect to your organization's networks: easily and securely access your organization's Virtual Private Gateways and hosted resources using just your browser.

NordLayer browser extension
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Network security on a browser level

This lightweight extension is set up on your company's Virtual Private Gateways, providing browser-level protection and safeguarding your online activity when accessing web-based resources.

Enhance your online performance with NordLayer's URL-based split tunneling improvement. This capability allows specific domains to bypass the VPN tunnel, optimizing bandwidth usage and encrypting the rest of your internet traffic. The result? A seamless, efficient, and secure online experience that boosts productivity.


Setting up your NordLayer Browser Extension

Once a user downloads the extension, logging in and using it is super easy. However, for network administrators, a Virtual Private Gateway with a dedicated server is required to deploy this solution. If you already have one, request access in the Control Panel to enable the extension. Please note that this add-on grants access exclusively to Virtual Private Gateways, not Shared Gateways.

  1. Register

    Sign up and choose “Premium” plan.

  2. Create a Virtual Private Gateway

    Create a Virtual Private Gateway in the Control Panel.

  3. Request the browser extension

    Request to enable the browser extension for the specific gateway.

  4. Download the extension

    Download the extension using the NordLayer application or from your browser's extension store.

  5. Connect

    Log in with your credentials.

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