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In an era where solid defense against cyber threats is paramount, aiding secure operations has become vital. By joining NordLayer's partner program, you can embark on a rewarding journey, safeguarding your clients & expanding your market prospects. With swift onboarding & instant revenue generation, our model equips businesses with easy-to-manage, scalable network security solutions.

Revenue growth with NordLayer's partner program

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Why you must be up-to-date in the cybersecurity market?

Organizations globally are deeply alarmed by the crucial issue of cybersecurity. In the past few years, we have seen an unprecedented increase in the number and severity of cyber attacks. The shift towards remote work has rendered organizations more susceptible to such attacks. The attackers persistently aim to breach networks and gain unauthorized access to personal data, targeting businesses across diverse industries and employing a range of new tactics. And this is where the importance and new opportunities of the cyber security market emerge.

38% increase of cyberattacks in the last year

The increase in global cyberattacks in the last year

4.35m total cost of global data breaches in 2022

Global average total cost of a data breach in 2022

422m data were compromised last year

Users’ data were compromised last year

90B of SMBs were expected to spend on cybersecurity in 2025

SMBs were expected to spend on cybersecurity in 2025


Why is NordLayer the top choice for your customers?

When it comes to safeguarding networks and cloud resources against online threats, NordLayer stands as the ultimate choice for your customers. Our stress-free cybersecurity solution empowers businesses with robust protection, while our user-friendly portal ensures effortless management. With our commitment to continuous improvement, we deliver cutting-edge security measures that keep your customers ahead of the curve.

Woman segments access to company resources with NordLayer

Secure private access

By following Zero Trust principles, NordLayer enables IT admins to control, secure, and customize remote workforce access to the cloud, on-premise resources, and SaaS applications. With encrypted tunnels and granular network segmentation, authorized users gain exclusive access while eliminating attack vectors and enjoying flexible interconnectivity in a controlled environment.

A man securely works remotely with NordLayer

Internet access security

Through advanced encryption and shared gateways, all data exchanged remains impervious to outsiders while enabling global business explorations and preserving user privacy. Additionally, our solution employs advanced security technologies to deny access to malicious websites and provides granular web content filtering for enhanced control and protection.

Happy Bobby that NordLayer ease company’s compliance journey

Compliance management

We offer indispensable support in achieving compliance requirements like GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, SOC 2, and more. With our present-day approach, we ensure the highest standards of IT security management, compliance with data processing principles across different regions, and seamless support for healthcare providers in transmitting health data. Trust NordLayer to deliver the necessary controls and guarantee the utmost suitability and effectiveness of our services.

Bob enjoys how easy is to deploy and start using NordLayer

Simplicity & flexibility

NordLayer is simple to start, easy to combine, and flexible to scale. With our user-friendly control platform, onboarding any team, regardless of their global presence, becomes effortless. The large variety of top-notch security solutions can be seamlessly combined to meet each client's unique requirements across diverse industries, making NordLayer the perfect fit for all.


What benefits do you get as a partner?

Unlock unparalleled value by joining NordLayer's partner program. Experience fast onboarding, streamlined sales cycles, and the ability to effortlessly deliver top-tier cybersecurity solutions to your clients. With various partnership options available for value-added resellers, managed service providers, distributors, and agents, seize the opportunity to elevate your business to new heights.

Boost your business performance

Boost your business performance

Set your business apart from the competition by harnessing the power of a software-defined solution. Deliver accessible remote security to all, ensuring your clients stay protected wherever they are. Stay ahead of the curve with a trusted solution built to the exceptional standards of NordVPN.

row your profits with high entry margins

Grow your profits with high entry margins

NordLayer's easy-to-adapt software eliminates the need for costly hardware investments and enables substantial savings for your clients. Embrace a subscription-based SaaS model to unlock a consistent flow of recurring revenue, elevating your financial gains to unparalleled heights.

No tech expertise needed

No tech expertise needed

Say goodbye to complex and costly security solutions. Our user-friendly interface can be easily understood, allowing anyone, even without deep technical knowledge, to sell and promote NordLayer effectively. With no additional infrastructure required, you can significantly reduce rollout and maintenance efforts while ensuring a seamless onboarding experience for your customers.

24/7 tech-minded support

Always here for you: 24/7 tech-minded support

Gain access to our dedicated team of round-the-clock technical support specialists. Our committed, caring, and tech-minded experts are here to help you navigate and accelerate the deal-closing process, ensuring your path to success remains uninterrupted.

Your efficiency - our priority

Your efficiency – our priority

Effortlessly onboard clients in under 10 minutes and scale rapidly. With no minimum order requirement, it is the perfect solution for SMBs. Simplify network deployment and administration without complex hardware or tedious configurations. Enjoy compatibility with legacy solutions, saving valuable time and resources while boosting productivity to new heights.


Explore our partnership options

Simplify client management smoothly with our intuitive multi-tenant service management portal while our attractive pricing enables MSPs to maximize recurring revenue.

  • High-profit margins
  • Dedicated training & support
  • Intuitive multi-tenant management portal
  • Trial accounts for your clients
  • Post-paid monthly billing
  • No upfront investment
  • NFR license for your company’s needs


Let's get you onboard!

Embark on a seamless partnership journey with NordLayer, where dedicated support teams will guide you at every step. Experience an efficient onboarding process prioritizing ease, speed, and comprehensive knowledge transfer.

  1. Register

    Fill in the contact form – it takes only 1 min!

  2. Demo call

    Our partner success team will get back to you shortly to find a convenient time to discuss the details.

  3. Agreement

    Once everything is crystal clear, we will move to this inevitable part – paperwork. Yet, we will make it quick & easy.

  4. Onboarding

    We’ll help you to begin – you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager, who will equip you with necessary product & sales materials and ensure a smooth onboarding with our comprehensive help center.


Trusted among industry leaders

Irrespective of their business type & size, our partners all enjoy the advantages of NordLayer's swift and knowledgeable support, user-friendly interface, and robust security features.

NordLayer’s partner program review by customers
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The solution setup was fantastic as we looked at a massive project and a big headache. Rolling out NordLayer VPN connection to 300 people was achieved in four days. And out of the entire team, only five people called for help, but because of being cautious, not because they didn't know what to do.

Mark Rowland

Co-founder and managing director of Cutec

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The whole process of onboarding to NordLayer and getting through to delivering a solution to a customer – understanding the process of building the platform, deploying, configuring, and integrating among all those different technology vendors’ we found the solution very straightforward.

Todd Gifford

Technical director of Optimising IT


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Forbes Technology Council

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Best-of Enterprise VPNs

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Next Gen Cybersecurity-as-a-Service

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Capterra Shortlist 2023

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The security service components of a thorough SASE (pronounce "sassy") strategy are offered by SSE. One cloud-delivered solution from SSE combines features for access control, threat prevention, data security, security monitoring, and acceptable usage control. A full SASE platform is created when SSE and SD-WAN are joined. This platform offers monitoring and policy enforcement with integrated network controls, application APIs, and endpoint-based controls. In 2019, Gartner introduced the cybersecurity concept of SASE. SASE is a cloud-delivered service paradigm that unifies network security services like CASB, FWaaS, and ZTNA with software-defined wide area networking or SD-WAN.