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Modern Network Security solutions

Improve your security architecture to protect your business against advanced threats and malware — our adaptable solutions are made for organizations of all sizes.

Network security solutions
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Network Security benefits

Two key ways for businesses to combat outside danger in real-time are increased visibility and responsive network protection. NordLayer offers adaptable solutions for organizations to monitor activity and quickly isolate threats — should they occur.

Network protection

Sophisticated technology monitors the behavior of users already inside - and attempting to breach - the perimeter, to deliver comprehensive network protection.

Reduced exposure

NordLayer identifies and isolates harmful threats and malware, with adaptable solutions that help to prevent your network from being exposed.

Expand security horizons

Awareness of the latest global security trends and enhancing collaboration is central to how NordLayer works within business networks to protect them.

sase for network security


Businesses choose SASE for Network Security

Companies are adapting their approach to network security in accordance with changes to the digital landscape in recent years. Organizations of all sizes are choosing SASE-aligned solutions like NordLayer to safeguard their sensitive information, networks, and employees.


of enterprises implemented SASE in 2021


more plan to implement SASE in 2022


have a timeline for SASE adoption by 2025


Network Security solutions

Software-Defined Wide Area Network

Software-Defined Wide Area Network

SD-WANs channel traffic across cloud-compatible WANs for optimal application performance. NordLayer utilizes private gateways and dedicated IP addresses to remove the complexity and cost of traditional networking technologies.

Site to Site

Secure Access Management

Use NordLayer’s network access management features to set permissions and policies for both secure users and apps across multiple devices — ensuring only authorized staff can reach sensitive and confidential data.

Network Segmentation

Network Segmentation

NordLayer ensures segmentation ensures the most critical areas of the network are fully protected. Create teams and private gateways each with a dedicated IP, enabling admins to segment their local networks and restrict certain data to those who really need it.

Removing Complexity

Remote Access VPN

NordLayer’s remote access VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your organization’s resources, endpoints, and remote workers using them — shielding all online activity from outside users, and safeguarding sensitive areas of the network and every endpoint.


Identity & Access Management

By using NordLayer access management, your business admins can set permissions and security policies for users and apps — ensuring only authorized staff can reach sensitive and confidential information.

Nord Layer Performance


With today’s increasingly distributed workforces, it’s harder than ever to ensure wholescale compliance. NordLayer is 100% focused on security and provides a broad range of solutions to help organizations meet, exceed, and maintain compliance.


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Use NordLayer’s adaptable security solutions to create a cloud infrastructure with safe access to your vital resources — suited to organizations of all sizes.

AES 256-bit encryption

NordLynx (WireGuard)

Multi-factor authentication

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Effective network security is of the utmost importance to enterprise IT admins so that they can implement proper protection against outside threats to the company network and control access to vital business data and resources.

Thorough network security defends against malicious or untrusted users, phishing technology, and harmful malware alike. In the event of a perimeter breach, SASE solutions will help locate and isolate intrusions to reduce the surface area for attack.

Access control through private gateways and network segmentation allows for greater control over who is accessing what internally — meaning a far smaller risk of data leaks occurring.
The individual solutions that make up the SASE framework, and Zero Trust principles are the most essential components of network security. Adaptable business security solutions adhere to both and deliver comprehensive protection for businesses of all sizes.

Integrating a quick and easy solution that adapts to your business is the perfect place to start. As your business evolves, so should your security capabilities. An all-in-one solution that scales with your business can give you peace of mind knowing you’ve begun the implementation of robust network security.