Secure Private Access: connecting your team to essential resources

Effortlessly manage, secure, and customize your on-site & remote employees’ access to company cloud, on-premise resources, and SaaS applications.

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Why is Secure Private Access important?

In the current digital era, businesses manage vast amounts of sensitive data, from customer details to strategic product roadmaps. Secure Private Access is essential for minimizing the risks of network breaches and data leaks.

An unprotected network, lacking robust private access solutions, is vulnerable to significant financial and reputational damage as well as operational disruptions. Implementing Secure Private Access ensures that this critical information remains protected, supporting the integrity and continuity of business operations

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Enhancing network access with Secure Private Access

Secure Private Access uses key elements of the SSE framework, such as ZTNA and FWaaS, to focus on private access security. This approach is a fundamental part of modern security architecture in organizations. By adopting these frameworks, companies ensure controlled access through multilayered authentication. They also implement granular network segmentation, allowing only authorized users secure connectivity.

Keep safe from unauthorised users and devices

Keep it safe from unauthorized users & devices

By using our Dedicated IP features and IP allowlisting practices, you’re letting only approved users access your network. This significantly lowers the risk of cyberattacks and online threats.

Interconnect all offices and devices with site-to-site VPN

Interconnect all offices & devices

Connect your global sites and resources using Site-to-Site VPN, ensuring secure data transfer and reducing the risk of data breaches.

Establish secure connections with Smart Remote Access

Establish secure connections between remote devices

Use Smart Remote Access to interact with your endpoints without any physical LAN limitations.

Segment the user base and allocate resource access

Segment the user base & allocate resource access

Implement a Network segmentation feature to significantly reduce the hackers’ ability to move around your network following a data breach.

Automate user on and off boarding with User Provisioning

Automate user on & off-boarding

By setting up User Provisioning, you can efficiently manage user accounts and prevent unnecessary access to your internal network, saving valuable time and resources.

Enhance security and prevent identity breaches

Boost access security beyond a username & password

To enhance security and prevent identity breaches, enforce an extra layer of protection by implementing 2FA, biometrics, and SSO authentication methods for keeping your data safe & sound.


How does NordLayer Private Access work?

We utilize a Zero Trust model in NordLayer to grant precise access to your organization's cloud, on-premise resources, and SaaS applications. Our advanced network access control technologies ensure that only authorized personnel or devices can access the network. With continuous multilayered identity authentication and robust encryption of all connections, we maintain a secure environment. The synergy of these solutions supports the most established network security frameworks, including ZTNA and FWaaS, ensuring the highest level of protection for your data and devices.

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The critical role of Secure Private Access in network & resource management

Managing and restricting access to your organization's cloud tools and sensitive data significantly cuts down the potential attack surface, minimizing cyber threats effectively.

Control access to cloud tools and resources

Controlled access to cloud tools & resources

By managing and restricting access to your organization's cloud tools and sensitive data, you effectively minimize the potential surface for cyber attacks.

Team-based segmentation

Team-based segmentation for safer resource accessibility

Network segmentation tools enable your employees & contractors to access only the resources required for their roles, ensuring a secure and efficient work environment.

Virtual local area network

Virtual Local Area Network (LAN) deployment

Virtual LANs boost your network performance, security, and ease of management by segmenting networks and isolating traffic between device groups. So, instead of limiting your team to a physical space, virtual LAN creates secure remote connections between devices — with no physical limitations.

Remote access to different offices and devices

Remote access to different offices & devices

When working across various physical & geographic locations, it's essential to ensure that remote connections to offices and devices are securely encrypted while still maintaining easy access.

All-round data breach prevention

All-round data breach prevention

The ever-growing threat of malware and phishing attacks makes it crucial to adopt advanced security measures throughout your network. By doing so, you protect sensitive data, reduce the risk of breaches, and safeguard your organization's digital assets.

Filter harmful websites and applications

Malicious content filtering

Certain filtering solutions help improve your company’s data security and protect your team from malicious websites & harmful content.


Private Access solutions

Remote Access VPN

Remote Access VPN

Ensure that both in & out-of-office employees can easily and securely connect to your business network.

Network Access Control

Network Access Control (NAC)

Efficiently control and keep unauthorized users and devices out of your business network.

Network Security

Network Security

Improve your security architecture to protect your business against advanced threats and malware with adaptable solutions for organizations of any size.

Identity Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Rest assured that every user is properly authorized when accessing your company’s network.

Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Access

Enable secure access to your organization's network for all employees, regardless of their geographical location.

Network Segmentation

Network segmentation

Utilize segmentation to ensure employees & contractors access only the data and resources they need to perform their roles. Nothing more.


Explore our Secure Private Access features

NordLayer’s range of adaptive security tools will help you assemble a custom Zero Trust identity and access management solution for your organization’s needs.

Virtual private gateways

Virtual private gateways

IP allowlisting

IP allowlisting

Cloud Firewall

Cloud Firewall

Device Posture Security

Device Posture Security

Site-to-site VPN

Site-to-site VPN

Smart Remote Access

Smart Remote Access

MFA, SSO, Provisioning

MFA, SSO, Provisioning


Secure your business environment with a modern security strategy

Security Service Edge (SSE)

Secure your business data by adopting the SSE framework that combines user-centric authentication, access control, and seamless integration across the cloud.

SSE combined solutions ZTNA SWG and FWaaS

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Zero Trust Security ensures that all users and devices are authenticated before accessing a business network and all assets. And it helps you mitigate and stop intrusions.

Zero Trust Network Access

Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

SWG filters harmful content from internet traffic, preventing cyber threats and data breaches. Additionally, Secure Web Gateway enforces organizational policies, ensuring compliance and preventing unauthorized user activities.

Secure Web Gateway illustration

Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)

A cloud-based firewall creates a barrier around cloud platforms, infrastructure, and applications. It both prevents unauthorized access and enables secure remote access to.

Firewall as a Service


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