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Connect to a global secure server and manage your network with ease.

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What is a Shared Gateway?

Shared gateway is a solution that creates encrypted tunnels between remote users and the internet. The traffic traveling across the internet is encrypted and decrypted through these gateways.

Shared gateway scheme

Access 30+ locations with Shared Gateways with the Lite plan

NordLayer Lite Plan


Shared gateway benefits

IP masking

Because all traffic is encrypted in transit through the shared gateway, the locations of users are untraceable.

Public wifi security

Most Wi-Fi hotspots are susceptible to cybersecurity breaches. NordLayer secures data passing over any network with 256-bit encryption.

Highly available and easy to manage

Locations can be hidden and changed in seconds, making shared gateways perfect for marketing teams doing maintenance on geo-targeted campaigns, location-specific testing, and data analysis.

Secure Internet Access

NordLayer seamlessly facilitates secure remote working so that your whole team can conduct their work from anywhere, safely.

Secure remote access

Comprehensive security for site-to-site VPN connection

Traffic is only permitted from one end to the other, blocking any outside interception attempts.

Wide protocols compatibility

NordLayer offers three types of VPN protocols: OpenVPN (UDP), OpenVPN (TCP), NordLynx — A WireGuard protocol.


Choose from 30+ shared gateway locations

The gateway pool is constantly expanding into new territories to ensure service quality. As of right now, NordLayer is operating on 30+ shared gateway locations.

Czech Republic


How to connect to NordLayer Shared Gateways?

It only takes three steps to get started with NordLayer shared gateways:



Download NordLayer app

Download NordLayer app

Connect to Shared Gateways

Connect to Shared Gateways

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The number in each country changes based on a load of a particular gateway and the number of users connecting to it.