Always On VPN that’s super easy to manage

Allowing remote & on-site employees to manually toggle a VPN connection can create critical security risks. With Always On VPN, if a secured connection to the gateway is lost, your hybrid-working users will simply be disconnected from the internet until the issue is solved. Always On VPN, always secure.

NordLayer’s Always on VPN feature


What is Always On VPN?

First introduced by Microsoft for Windows 10, Always On VPN ensures that an active VPN profile remains automatically connected to the network and stays connected despite possible VPN connection triggers.

NordLayer’s Always On VPN operates in an even broader spectrum, giving your IT team complete control. All features and policies like DNS filtering, DPI, Custom DNS, and others will be obligatory for the end users if they want to connect to the internet. Always On VPN also ensures that if the secured internet connection is lost, the user will be automatically disconnected from the network until the VPN connectivity is restored. 

It means that every employee (without exception) who uses the internet will do so only with a VPN connection, regardless of where around the world they currently are. No VPN — no internet.

Use the Always On VPN feature with the Lite plan

14-day money-back guarantee

14-day money-back guarantee

NordLayer Lite Plan


How does Always On VPN work?

Your employees can enable and disable Always On VPN feature on the NordLayer application settings as long as the admin doesn’t activate it. Thus, if the IT administrator wants to ensure everyone in the organization has Always On VPN enforced, end users won’t be able to disable it once configured centrally via Control Panel.

Toggle on always on VPN


Explore the benefits of using NordLayer's Always On VPN

One-click implementation

One-click implementation

Activating the feature is quick and managing it is a breeze. With just a few clicks in the control panel, every endpoint gets the component, and users may not even notice. If needed, your organization administrator can also disable the feature in no time. Additionally, you will soon be able to tailor this component for specific groups, like remote workers who frequently travel and often use public Wi-Fi.

Secure corporate network with Always on VPN feature

Secure corporate network

The hybrid work era introduces new challenges, particularly for IT departments. Safeguarding the company's corporate network while teams operate from various locations all over the world can be really tough. However, Always On VPN will help you orchestrate both office and remote employees, ensuring secure internet access for each user.

No more unencrypted internet connection with Always on VPN

No more unencrypted internet connection

A single unprotected user can become a potential weak link in the company’s network security chain. With the help of Always On VPN feature, you will maintain one common secure user tunnel to your network resources to prevent potential data leaks and other cyber risks.

Minimize risk when using public Wi-Fi with the help of Always on VPN feature

Minimize cyber risks when using public Wi-Fi

Since connecting to public Wi-Fi at hotels, cafes, or other public spaces is nearly unavoidable these days, it poses a lot of security risks for remote access. Session hijackers prey on unsecured connections, and since we're human after all, we may forget to enable our VPN before connecting. Honest mistake. However, Always On VPN helps mitigate man-in-the-middle attacks by making VPN mandatory to connect to the internet.


How can you use Always On VPN?

Remote & hybrid employee accessibility

Remote & hybrid employee accessibility

Always On VPN provides secure remote access to your employees, whether they're working from the office, home or anywhere in the world. It ensures safe access to company resources and confidential information while increasing your data protection level, even when using public Wi-Fi.

Hassle-free mandatory use

Hassle-free mandatory use

With Always On VPN, your employees can securely access the internet without worrying whether the VPN is on or off, as it will always be enforced, allowing them to focus on their tasks uninterrupted. Your IT admins retain full control over the tool, ensuring secure access and a smooth experience for all.

Achieving compliance using Always on VPN feature

Achieving compliance

Always On VPN can help you meet different compliance requirements, particularly for businesses handling sensitive data in heavily regulated sectors like healthcare or finance. Here, rigorous cybersecurity and data management regulations are essential.


How to set up Always On VPN?

With NordLayer, setting up Always On VPN is user-friendly and super simple.

  1. Sign in & navigate to the Control Panel's settings

  2. Switch the toggle ON to activate Always On VPN

  3. Select the relevant teams


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Frequently asked questions

NordLayer’s Always On VPN feature is available for Windows, macOS (side-load only), and Linux (coming soon) operating systems. The accessibility for Android or iOS mobile applications is yet to come.