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What is Threat Prevention?

Threat prevention refers to the measures and strategies put in place to proactively identify, mitigate, and defend against potential threats on computer networks and systems. The main goal of threat prevention is to minimize the risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, system compromises, and other security incidents that could result in financial loss, reputational damage, or disruption of business operations.

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Stop advanced threats

Within the realm of cybersecurity, prevention of threats encompasses several tools and policies that work together to safeguard the network — traditionally focusing on protecting the network perimeter and shielding traffic. With harmful malware and phishing attacks becoming a more prominent threat these days, advanced security is now required at every layer of the network, including - but not limited to - IAM and Network Segmentation.

Network protection
Secure the company network

Implementing multi-layered access controls ensures complete network security — protecting only the perimeter is no longer enough.

Protect devices anywhere
Protect devices anywhere

Secure your own devices against outside threats and detect Jailbroken devices that can be used for malicious purposes.

Respond to incidents quickly
Respond to incidents quickly

In the event of a perimeter breach, quick action is needed to narrow the area of attack and limit the scale of infiltration.


Introducing: Complete Zero Trust network security

Adopt Zero Trust across the organization’s network with industry-leading security technologies

Zero Trust Network Access

ZTNA focuses on removing implicit trust from any user or device that attempts to gain entry to a company network with a ‘trust none, verify all’ approach.


Attackers target corporate networks


of businesses experienced a cyberattack in the last year


of companies say data breaches have negatively impacted reputation


of IT admins say the severity of attacks is increasing


Protect your business from cyberthreats

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Secure the network

Protecting the edge of the network is the first crucial step for organizations. Complete network security can be achieved via adaptive solutions provided by NordLayer.

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Protect users wherever they work

With an increasingly remote and distributed workforces, all users and devices need protection wherever their location — through Identity Access Management (IAM), a Remote Access VPN to shield traffic, and Network Access Control (NAC).

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Segmenting your network

Through the creation of private gateways and secure access management, you can guarantee users have access to authorized resources and applications only — thus, creating segmented areas of the network to protect sensitive information.


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Network segmentation

Network segmentation



Smart remote access

Smart remote access

Jailbroken device detection

Jailbroken device detection

Biometric authentication

Biometric authentication



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Threat Prevention is a term used to describe the way security solutions work together towards protecting the business network from malicious behavior or malicious code. Different features work in different ways to contribute to a multi-layered security offering that integrates into the existing network infrastructure.