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NordLayer provides flexible cybersecurity tools for businesses of any size or work model.

14-day money-back guarantee

14-day money-back guarantee

NordLayer application


10 min

Simplified setup

Deploy advanced network security swiftly within 10 minutes using our intuitive setup process.

1 Gbps

High-speed servers

Experience seamless, lag-free connectivity up to 1 Gbps with our high-performance VPN servers.

Lower TCO

Save up to 65% on your 5-year Total Cost of Ownership by leveraging our integrated security platform.

600 h

IT hours spared

Reclaim over 600 IT hours annually, transitioning from on-premises security hardware to our streamlined cloud solution.


Comprehensive security, multilayered approach

Network access control

Network access control

Allows only authorized users & trusted devices to access the company network, resources, and cloud tools.

  • Cloud Firewall
  • Device Posture Security
  • Virtual Private Gateways
  • Dedicated server with fixed IP
Internet access security

Internet access security

Provides secure internet access and effortlessly fortifies the browsing experience online.

  • DNS filtering
  • ThreatBlock
  • Encryption & IP masking
  • Deep Packet Inspection
Network connectors

Network connectors

Establishes a secure, reliable remote connection to hybrid networks and different devices.

  • Site-to-Site
  • Smart Remote Access
User authentication

User authentication

Aligns identity & access management with ZTNA best practices for secure user authentication & provisioning.

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Biometric authentication
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • User provisioning
Network monitoring

Network monitoring

Gives a clear overview of users and devices connected to the company network.

  • Activity monitoring
  • Device posture monitoring
  • Server usage analytics
Security controls

Security controls

Boosts network security by ensuring that your security policies are up and running constantly.

  • Always On VPN
  • Auto-connect
  • Session duration controls


Accessible cybersecurity for every business


Easy to start

With a 10-minute deployment, 24/7 support, and an intuitive interface, NordLayer creates a highly efficient onboarding experience that won’t impact your workflow.

Easy to combine

Easy to combine

NordLayer supports all key OS versions, infrastructure, and applications and successfully adapts to your existing technology stack. It can also be configured manually to suit your business needs.

Easy to scale

Easy to scale

Our tool allows upscaling and downscaling the number of users and servers with zero stress. You can activate new features and add or remove members or servers with a click. And easily integrate it with user management providers.

One platform, many uses

Invisible for a user, efficient for an admin

With our tool, everyone can perform their daily duties without worrying about cyber threats. Employees can focus on their job and you on - growing your business. Also, your IT admins get a solution that enables them to easily oversee and manage cybersecurity adoption.

Secure your business network with NordLayer


A well-rounded cybersecurity package by NordLayer

Guidance throughout the whole process

We add a personal touch to cybersecurity, thinking about protection of your business value, by providing content for smooth onboarding and answering any questions about the adoption of our tools.

24/7 support

Our 2nd line specialists respond to your issues within 44 seconds on average.

Tailored to your business growth

We offer accessible pricing and no vendor lock-in, so you can protect your network by easily adding or removing new members or servers to your account.


All ways of working enabled

Today, businesses move faster than ever. The emerging new ways of working, remote or hybrid, are no exception to this trend.

Cybersecurity must adapt to various business setups, removing the barriers to adopting and using tools dedicated to network protection.

NordLayer aims to become the enabler for businesses operating under these circumstances. We believe cybersecurity should be nothing but a great experience that doesn’t overshadow the growth and scale.

Enjoy stress free working with NordLayer app

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Nord Security
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Solution providing flexible and easy-to-implement cybersecurity tools for businesses of any size or work model.

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One of the most reliable VPN services in the world that encrypts internet traffic and protects online identity.

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A password manager with top security, simplicity, and intuitive changes.

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Powerful end-to-end encryption tool for storing, syncing, and sharing files securely.

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Discover how businesses like yours managed to do more while staying compliant, secure, and confident online, using tools from NordLayer.

NordLayer allows us to enable our growing team of over 1,000 employees in 51 countries with only a 5-people cybersecurity team.

Egidijus Navardauskas

Egidijus Navardauskas


With NordLayer, our hybrid working team can collaborate securely and pass geo-restrictions to advance our customer experience.

Arash Masoumi

Arash Masoumi


With NordLayer, we can validate employees’ access to company resources wherever they are, and speed isn’t an issue.

Clinton Miller

Clinton Miller


No more struggle with unexpected disconnections, constant re-logins, lost logs & client conversations once we onboarded NordLayer.

Dainius Kudarauskas

Dainius Kudarauskas

We are committed to supporting people in need. NordLayer is our helping hand in complying with data security regulations to confirm clients are safe.

Wesley Chenery

Wesley Chenery

Canada Mental Health Association

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Secure your business network with NordLayer

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