Secure access to SaaS applications

Effortlessly monitor and control who can access specific data or applications on a company network.

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Why is it important to secure access to SaaS apps?

The levels of decentralization (remote work) we have seen in the last few months and years, have shown their ugly face — challenges such as unencrypted networks, unlisted websites, and slow speeds. Unauthorized users are gaining access to unsecured corporate data. In a study commissioned by Ermetic, 98% of US companies with 1500+ employees experienced at least one cloud data breach in 2020-2021.

Whereas previously, an employee would only be able to access apps and software through the local network, nowadays, businesses must ensure that all employees have secure access to their SaaS apps whether they connect through a public network or the cloud.

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Challenges of securing SaaS applications

Unsecure applications

Unsecure applications

Employees may store and share your data within applications outside your security network, which might lead to data breaches and other security risks.

Bandwidth usage

Bandwidth usage

In order to safeguard SaaS traffic, all internet traffic must be routed through a VPN, which can lead to bandwidth and performance problems, both of which can lower employee productivity.



Regardless of whether they are using a corporate or personal device, authenticated users must have constant access to a secure network, while unauthorized users must be denied that access.


Secure access to SaaS applications with NordLayer is easy

NordLayer’s Virtual Private Gateway and IP allowlisting (IP whitelisting) will allow you to control access to your SaaS applications and enforce additional security measures.

Purchase NordLayer plan with server

Purchase NordLayer plan with server

In order to have access to a Virtual Private Gateway and IP allowlisting, you will need a Core or Premium NordLayer subscription package. Details on how to create an account are found here.

Install and configure

Install & configure

Once you've set up your organization, download and install the NordLayer application. For a quick explanation on how to download the NordLayer application, please take a look at our video guide.

Setup Virtual Private Gateway

Setup Virtual Private Gateways

A private gateway connects a dedicated private server with a team it is assigned to. This easy guide will show you how to create a private gateway and add teams and servers to it.

Allowlist NordLayer in SaaS apps

Allowlist NordLayer in SaaS apps

To make it even easier, we have multiple guides on how to whitelist NordLayer in different SaaS applications. How to allowlist Nordlayer on SaaS apps.


Need more security & visibility for SaaS apps?

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Apply Zero Trust security to every SaaS application

Zero Trust is a ‘never trust, always verify’ approach to network access — authentication is needed prior to access being granted.

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Utilize Identity & Access Management for SaaS apps

IAM allows you to ensure that every user on the network has the correct level of verification for using resources, secure data access, and additional information they need.

Exploring Nordlayers SaaS security capabilities

Explore all our SaaS security capabilities

NordLayer offer multiple features and solutions that can be used as additional security for your SaaS applications.


Explore our secure access features

Virtual Private Gateway

Dedicated IP

DNS filtering

Multi Factor Authentification

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Protect your SaaS applications

Secure your access to SaaS tools in numerous ways with NordLayer or contact our Security specialist for more information.