Device Posture Security

Secure and monitor access to every application on every device.

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What is device posture?

Imagine every device—be it a phone, tablet, or laptop—as a visitor entering your company's premises. Just as you'd want every visitor to meet certain security standards, you'd want every device connecting to your network to adhere to specific security requirements. Device Posture Security isn't just about keeping an eye on these 'digital visitors.' It's about setting a standard, ensuring every device matches up, and taking action if they don't.

At NordLayer, we don't just notify you of any discrepancies with our Device Posture Security rules. We actively ensure that devices not meeting the mark don't gain access. Think of it as a digital doorman for your network, friendly yet vigilant, ensuring that only the compliant get through.

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14-day money-back guarantee

14-day money-back guarantee

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Why choose Device Posture Security?

By inspecting employee devices, Device Posture Security ensures only trusted devices gain access, safeguarding your network from potential threats.

Enforce rules centrally

Enforce rules centrally

Access a centralized asset catalog that includes the current state of critical device posture checks.

Check if device comply to predefined rule sets

Check if devices comply with multiple predefined rule sets

Choose between several rule sets that are most important for your organization's cybersecurity.

Identify unknown devices in the network

Identify unknown devices in the network

Get notified whenever an unknown or new device attempts to connect to your network.

Detect jailbroken/rooted devices

Detect jailbroken/rooted devices

Devices that have been tampered with will be identified immediately.

Find out if allowed OS is used to connect to your network

Find out if allowed OS is used to connect to your network

Use of different OS may indicate suspicious behavior and expose vulnerabilities in network security.

Check if OS and NordLayer app is up to date

Check if OS & NordLayer app is up to date

Ensure your employees' devices have the latest and safest software updates.

Receive notifications

Receive notifications

Get notified about non-compliant devices in the network.

Block unsecure devices

Block non-compliant device accounts

Prevent non-compliant devices from accessing your network.

Audit past states and generate report

Audit past states & analyze reports

Save the history of Device Posture Security for easy access and analysis.

Control network access by location

Control network access by location

Restrict network access based on user location to prevent unauthorized access from excluded countries and enhance compliance standards.


Ensure security with ZTNA model

Device Posture Security increases compliance to Zero Trust Network Access and enforces security more effectively. ZTNA reduces the risk of potential attacks by limiting access to specific applications and also by blocking lateral movement should a threat enter the system.

Woman researching zero trust security

Zero Trust

A Zero Trust approach lives by the ‘trust-none, verify all’ mantra — ensuring every user, device, and connection is authenticated ahead of being granted access to your business network and its most valuable assets and sensitive data.


How to enable device posture in NordLayer?

Simple to start—simple to use. Install NordLayer in minutes and get protection for your teams today.

  1. Get NordLayer

  2. Define compliant devices according to the list of rules in CP

  3. Evaluate devices according to predefined security rules and get notified about non-compliant ones or prevent their access to the network.


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Protect your business with NordLayer’s device posture security

Protect your business with NordLayer

Deploy NordLayer to take complete control of your endpoints and regulate user access to your network.