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What is a Cloud VPN?

The role of a decentralized workforce is evident in 2021 — it’s now essential. With the rise of remote work, employees have seen some enormous benefits, like working flexible hours and spending more time with their families.

The risks associated with such decentralization have presented challenges like unencrypted networks, unlisted websites, and slow speeds — an almost constant challenge for businesses in recent years.

A Cloud VPN provides an encrypted site-to-site tunnel from an employee’s endpoint to your corporate network, be it a mobile phone, laptop, or any other device. Your resources and data are kept both encrypted and secure.

Cloud VPN

Control company network access, and protect your resources

A Cloud VPN can be deployed in minutes, provide instant access to your applications, and enable you to manage permissions to critical resources when used with an IP allowlist (whitelist).

Control Access

Control access

Using resources and sharing sensitive data is risky when done over the open internet. A Cloud VPN ensures your activity remains hidden from outside users. When used in tandem with an IP allowlist (whitelist), you have full control over who has access to specific areas of your network.

Remote access and public wifi

Geographical freedom

There is no longer the need to be geographically close to the office, as NordLayer has servers in over 33 locations worldwide — allowing users to access company data securely from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection.

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What you get with a Cloud VPN solution

Cutting-edge digital protection with a Cloud VPN built specifically for businesses like yours. Scalable, flexible, and totally hardware-free.

Access and security for BYOD

With our Cloud VPN, your whole team can work securely on any network or device. Whether it’s work from home, a hotel, an airport, or a conference – NordLayer encrypts online traffic, safeguarding your sensitive corporate data. Having a flexible solution enables your team to work wherever, and whenever they want, securely and conveniently.

Remote access

With NordLayer, your employees can access business resources remotely. We provide safe and secure access to your work accounts and company databases — no matter where you are or which device you’re on. With support for multiple operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, you can be safe in the knowledge that no matter the device being used, company data will be safe.

Dedicated servers

With a NordLayer Advanced plan, you can purchase dedicated servers on-demand from locations around the world. Manage access control for your Cloud apps with IP whitelisting and a dedicated server makes for a safer and more convenient work environment.

Hardware-free and easy to deploy

No additional infrastructure is required — NordLayer is a plug-and-play solution giving you the flexibility to grow without the shackles of a traditional, manual setup.

Challenges for your business

Easy security management with NordLayer

Variable growth

Variable growth

Sourcing proper security that works with your business as it changes has proved a challenge for business owners. NordLayer Cloud VPN solution helps you maintain security as your company grows — for full protection as you scale.

Ad-hoc needs

Ad-hoc needs

We know a robust security setup shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why NordLayer adapts to meet the evolving needs of your business — because companies of all sizes have different requirements.

Encrypted cloud security

Encrypted cloud security

With a Cloud VPN, employees utilize a private network that creates an encrypted secure tunnel over a public connection. This mitigates the risk of severe financial losses and penalties from data breaches or ransom demands.

Combined solutions

Combined solutions

If you’re protecting your business network from scratch or bolstering your existing security setup, NordLayer Cloud VPN will help. Our solution is incredibly flexible, helping you take the first steps in securing your business or providing you with an additional layer of protection.

Flexible deployment

Flexible deployment

With 64% of cybersecurity professionals reporting staff shortages at their own organizations, less deployment time is a big benefit of a Cloud VPN. NordLayer requires no time-intensive hardware installation, and can in fact be rolled out and deployed solely over the internet.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Compatible with various cloud services, you can implement our access control functionality alongside existing security solutions, regardless of skill level. NordLayer Cloud VPN is a major component in an additional layer of protection for your major cloud applications.

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Frequently asked questions

Definitely! Accessing cloud storage can be a risky business if you aren’t securely connected end-to-end. NordLayer Cloud VPN creates a secure tunnel to cloud apps, allowing you to browse, download, and upload with ease.
With NordLayer, a Cloud VPN is included in all of ours plans. Get one today for just $7 per month.
In a word: Yes! Cloud VPNs allow you and your business to operate under a secure and encrypted tunnel.
Utilizing a Dedicated IP with a Cloud VPN is a breeze - and it doesn’t cost much, either. Get yours today with our Advanced plan & Dedicated server combo.

NordLayer Cloud VPN offers 3 types of tunneling (encryption) protocols. These are:

  • IPSec/IKEv2 — A dependable, stable option – especially when moving between different networks.
  • OpenVPN (UDP) — A good combination of speed and security, but may not work on all networks.
  • OpenVPN (TCP) — A secure and reliable protocol — although slower than UDP, TCP works on the vast majority of networks.