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Extend your on-premises network to the cloud and securely access them from anywhere


What is Cloud VPN?

A cloud virtual private network (cloud VPN) is a solution that creates encrypted tunnels between remote users, and corporate networks in the cloud or on premises. VPN gateways protect data and assets by encrypting and decrypting the traffic traveling across the internet.


Setup Site-to-Site private network

NordLayer’s site-to-site VPN uses IPsec protocols to create secure connections between your remote sites and your AWS cloud resources.


Discover Smart Remote Access

Smart remote access helps make sure business operations work at optimal efficiency by creating secure connections between devices without physical limitations.


Extend your private network between your various office locations via VPN tunnels and VPN gateways.


Connect your remote workforce to your corporate network securely.


Provide direct peer-to-peer connectivity for data-sharing, and collaboration applications.


Provide secure access to partners and employees to your services hosted by IaaS providers.


Global access to NordLayer Cloud VPN servers

Our wide network of servers ensures smooth performance — allowing your team to work securely from locations worldwide.

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Cloud VPN setup

Cloud VPN setup

Short guide to download & configuration of a cloud-based VPN

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Set up gateways and onboard members

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Getting started with Nordlayer

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Evolve your network security with NordLayer

NordLayer’s range of security features help today’s businesses protect their teams wherever they work and provides additional security for safe access to work applications and resources.





Biometric authentication


Network segmentation

Jailbroken device detection


Smart remote access

Smart remote access

Additional info

Frequently asked questions

  • Remote access — Connects individual users to specific host networks. This connection is temporary rather than permanent and is used by remote employees accessing files in the central hub. Often used to facilitate remote workers.
  • Site-to-site — An encrypted connection between two networks, creating a shared network, or connection to a central hub. Site-to-site VPNs work best when deployed on-site, with every employee is sharing lots of data.

As they perform the same function, businesses will select the type of VPN connection that best suits their individual needs.

NordLayer Cloud VPN offers 3 types of tunneling (encryption) protocols:

  • IPSec/IKEv2 — A dependable, stable option – especially when moving between different networks.
  • OpenVPN (UDP) — A good combination of speed and security, but may not work on all networks.
  • OpenVPN (TCP) — A secure and reliable protocol — although slower than UDP, TCP works on the vast majority of networks.
  • NordLynx — A wireguard VPN protocol — lightweight, faster, more secure than OpenVPN.

Yes, cloud VPNs are considered extremely safe. They create a secure connection for data transferring to be completed within an encrypted cloud VPN tunnel—keeping business resources hidden from outside users.

Utilizing a dedicated IP with a cloud VPN is a breeze - and it doesn’t cost much, either. Get yours today with our Advanced plan & dedicated server combo.

With NordLayer, a cloud VPN is included in all of our plans. Get one today for just $7 per month.