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What is a business VPN?

Network security is essential — more so than ever before. That’s why a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for business is now less of an optional extra and more of a requirement.

A VPN is a security solution that provides a tunnel between your organization’s resources and the employees accessing them. In essence, only employees connected to the VPN servers can access company resources on the network. Since this tunnel is encrypted end-to-end, businesses need not worry about unwanted access or visibility into their network — ensuring complete protection and anonymity of all traffic.

NordLayer remote access solution is designed specifically for businesses — allowing you to mitigate risk, facilitate remote work, and protect your company against cyber threats.

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Key benefits of a business VPN

The uptake of VPNs within enterprises has been increasing recently, and it’s no surprise why. Businesses realize that security doesn’t have to come with considerable investment, nor does it have to be a long, complicated process.

Scalable for all sizes

NordLayer was designed from the ground up to be a scalable solution with adaptability in mind. The security solutions we offer scale with your business, not the other way around. From start-ups with ten people to large enterprises with thousands of employees — we’ve got you covered.

Seamless integration into corporate networks

Nobody wants to spend more time setting up their solutions than actually using them, which is why NordLayer allows for seamless integration into pre-existing company infrastructure. No additional hardware is required — we’re entirely plug-and-play.

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What can a business VPN do?

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Facilitate remote access

Workforces are becoming increasingly dispersed, which is causing headaches for IT admins entrusted with protecting company resources. With NordLayer, your coworkers can utilize secure remote access to their work environments with ease — from any location and even on public Wi-Fi.

encrypt traffic

Encrypted traffic

Ensure data traffic within your company’s network remains secure. Our business VPN protects all traffic with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption — essentially locking the contents of your traffic and making it unreadable to unauthorized parties.

secure endpoints

Secure endpoints

Modern organizations use many different devices — as such, these devices must be properly protected. By utilizing a business VPN, you can ensure that every connection is secure, no matter if it’s on a phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop.

global markets

Monitor product performance

View and optimize website content internationally, determine market viability or make QA easier through servers in 33 different countries - just connect to one of our global gateways.

What you can get with NordLayer

Cutting edge digital protection with secure network access for business

extensive global access

Secure remote access

By giving you the ability to quickly and efficiently deploy our business VPN and dedicated IP addresses, NordLayer helps you securely access the company network - from anywhere in the world.

manage team permissions

Manage team permissions

Add team members to your network and manage team permissions from one unified control panel. NordLayer also offers centralized billing — meaning you won’t have to sort out payment details every time you add a new user.

dedicated servers

Dedicated servers

With a NordLayer Advanced plan, you can purchase dedicated servers on-demand from locations around the world. Deploy in seconds, whitelist your fixed IP, and create gateways for convenient access control.

single sign on sso

Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Keep things simple with no need for more business credentials. NordLayer offers single sign-on integration with GSuite, Azure AD, and Okta.

Easy security management with NordLayer

remote access

User administration

Add, transfer, or remove licenses from a convenient and intuitive Control Panel.

encrypt traffic

Centralized Billing

Pay just one invoice for all members and services — and choose between monthly or yearly payments.

encrypt traffic

Expert support

Our security experts are always here to help with 24/7 technical support.

Ready for anything

Our cloud-based solutions can be set up in no time and work on all major platforms, yes, even Linux!

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Frequently asked questions

Our cloud-based solutions can be set up in no time and work on all major platforms, yes, even Linux!

Despite the difference in terminology between Enterprise VPN, Corporate VPN, and Business VPN, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology remains the same. NordLayer provides a VPN feature as part of its adaptable network security offering for businesses of all sizes.

By utilizing a VPN, you can protect all traffic with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption, facilitate your remote workers in any location, and secure all endpoint devices across your network. You can find full details here on what else your organization can expect to gain from a NordLayer remote access VPN.

Setting up a VPN connection for your corporate network is pretty straightforward. By utilizing our dedicated servers along with IP whitelisting, you’re able to take control of who accesses your resources.

In general, a business VPN is used to secure access to company networks — it does this by creating a tunnel between the user and the main datacenter/HQ.

Not long! Depending on your level of know-how and number of resources, setting up a business VPN can be done in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is set up an admin account with us, connect to one of our secure servers, then add your employees from the Control Panel.

Protection and privacy. The security of both your employees and your resources is paramount. A business VPN helps to keep them both safe.