We’re relocating to the U.S. to serve you better

We’re relocating to the U.S. to serve you better

NordLayer, the B2B arm of NordVPN, will be relocating and incorporating in the United States next month. The consumer product, NordVPN, will remain in the jurisdiction of Panama, and users of the personal VPN will not be affected. The move was made in order to better meet the needs of enterprise clients—many of which are located in North America. 

The move also allows NordLayer to be closer to core customer bases, and to provide the type of streamlined services businesses need in their network security. Users of NordLayer won’t notice much of a difference, as the only change will be to the wire transfer details, which have been provided via email to all business clients. 

The move was made mainly to be closer to our customers, many of which are in the US and Canada. Also, to be able to expand and grow market presence, as well as leverage opportunities in the region.

Businesses and individuals have very different needs when it comes to cybersecurity, and this move will allow NordLayer to better meet those needs, while still delivering the top-notch security and convenience NordVPN and other Nord products have become known for.

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