NordLayer service upgrade: Device Posture Security

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Device Posture Security was enhanced with a non-compliant device account blocking functionality to improve network access control. This functionality restricts user accounts identified as non-compliant with organization security policies.

Previously, Device Posture Security only allowed device monitoring in the network. From the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) perspective, this functionality lets admins track if connected devices are confirmed and meet compliance policies.

The upgrade of adding blocking capability increases network security. This ensures that device accounts that deviate from defined organization rules are restricted from any activities within the network.

How it works?

Admins can define periodic device check rules in the Control Panel. With Device Posture Security, they can create a list of organization admin-trusted devices. The trust includes defining a preferred OS and its version, specifying the supported NordLayer app version, and setting a clear threshold for timely device updates in the organization.

The NordLayer solution helps enforce checks if the device is jailbroken or rooted. If a threat appears, IT administrators can choose if they want to mitigate the risk manually or automate the process. They can set up the tool to block access instantly without direct interference. Admins can also run checks to confirm that devices with access to the network contain a specific file or have supported OS and NordLayer versions.

NordLayer’s Device Posture Security capabilities:

  • Set security rules for periodic device posture checks in the background

  • Mark devices as trusted once they comply with predefined rules and requirements

  • Network-connected devices monitoring and history reports

  • Enlist trusted devices as recognized devices within the organization 

  • Automatically block non-compliant accounts based on rules

  •  Email notifications about untrusted and non-compliant devices in the network

What problem does it solve?

The feature provides visibility over devices in the network, runs periodic checks, and gives the ability to block non-compliant accounts so that trusted devices accessing company resources meet predefined security rules.

Security by design

NordLayer's Device Posture Security offers automated, stress-free network monitoring with just a click. In a few easy steps, it enforces your security standards across the organization, running background checks to ensure device compliance.

Admins can relax—if a device isn't up to par, the system alerts you, allowing swift action to safeguard your network. There are no delays with automatic blocking; even when admins are off-duty, NordLayer handles it. Detailed device histories and reports offer a clear view of your network's health, highlighting any areas of concern.

In short, Device Posture Security seamlessly blends monitoring and immediate action for top-notch network security.

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