Meet the Team: on partnerships expansion with Channel Sales Director

Meet the Team Donata Zabielskiene

Strength comes in numbers and trust, both of which have proven to be a key to building a successful partnerships network here at NordLayer. Donata Zabielskiene, the Director of Channel Sales, is the leading person behind the creation of lasting relationships with our partners. 

After a successful start in the US and UK markets, Donata invited us to share what’s on the agenda for NordLayer’s Partner Program.

Donata, tell us about your role and what you do in the company. 

In my role, I oversee the strategic focus of our Channel Sales team, ensuring we provide a seamless experience for our partners. The Channel Sales team is at the forefront of our partner interactions, working closely with Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Resellers, and Agents. 

Each type of partnership brings unique needs and challenges, and my team is dedicated to understanding and meeting these specific requirements:

Unique needs and challenges of different types of partnerships

I'm in charge of the sales team and ensuring everyone in the company is on board. This collaborative effort is crucial in maintaining a smooth and effective partnership experience. We're committed to enhancing our support, training, and resources to empower our partners, ultimately leading to a mutually beneficial relationship.

Based on your previous experience, what makes NordLayer's product unique for you? 

NordLayer is all about simplicity, although it does extremely complex things. Even though this product differs from other brands I've worked with, it was easy to believe in its mission and vision.

NordLayer as a tool and through the team behind it works hard to deliver rather than make empty promises. The commitment to quality and sustainable growth is important, which is reflected in our approach to dealing with partners. A clear focus and consistency are the highlights that have impressed me since I joined NordLayer.

We want to be sure we offer a top solution that builds trust and meets expectations for different use cases and situations, making cybersecurity simple for both our partners and their clients.

Last year, NordLayer had quite a breakthrough with the partnerships. As a Channel Sales Director, could you reveal the strategy direction moving forward?

Last year marked a significant advancement, mainly due to the expansion and diversification of our distributor base. This growth offers our partners greater flexibility and choice, making it easier for them to find solutions that align with their specific needs. We will continue to focus on the growth of distributor networks through new partnerships and regions.

This expansion isn't just about geographical growth; it's about understanding and integrating into diverse market dynamics. Each new market presents distinct challenges and opportunities, and our strategy is to tailor our approach to meet these individual demands.

Which markets have NordLayer already established good groundwork in? Maybe do you have plans to expand to new markets?

Our strong foundation in the US and UK markets has been key to our success. A small sneak peek could be that we plan to add a few new distributors in the United Kingdom in the upcoming year. We've built a solid network and understanding in these regions, which has been instrumental in shaping our approach and offerings. Now, leveraging this experience and success, our plan is to broaden our horizons and venture into new markets.

By doing so, we aim to replicate our US and UK success in new territories, enhancing our global presence and reinforcing our commitment to providing accessible, efficient solutions to our partners worldwide.

When talking to partners, is NordLayer often confused with NordVPN? If so, let's clarify the difference.

The name NordVPN often slips off partners’ tongues, but it’s very natural and understandable. Many of our partners first knew this product as consumers, and it’s often the reason they found their way to NordLayer to begin with. We’re happy to have this preprogrammed connection in people's heads because the products are as good as they get. 

But it’s extremely important to know the difference between NordVPN and NordLayer. The first one is a B2C tool built to serve daily user needs, staying secure while browsing. In the meantime, NordLayer is a B2B product that goes beyond a VPN tool.

Businesses use NordLayer’s secure remote access solution to enable all ways of working while protecting their networks and digital assets, managing accesses, and protecting online data transfers from digital threats. 

Developing NordLayer, our team takes in-depth Zero Trust and Security Service Edge (SSE) approaches to establish robust security solutions and capabilities. This allows us to handle complex tasks while being an easy-to-use tool for our end users. We are the ones who do the hard work so IT managers can have peace of mind and focus on more important things in their jobs.

How is NordLayer attractive to partners as a product? What is their feedback about using the solution or how it adapts to the clients?

What makes NordLayer attractive to partners as a product is its versatility. The feedback from partners emphasizes its simplicity, effectiveness, and adaptability.

Firstly, NordLayer offers a user-friendly interface that doesn't require deep technical knowledge, making it accessible to many users. This ease of use significantly reduces the effort required for deployment and maintenance, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience for customers​​.

Here’s what partners find beneficial working with NordLayer:

  • Sequentur values NordLayer for its simplicity and adaptability to different business scenarios, regardless of company size. The tool is easy to deploy and maintain, addressing critical security challenges like user vulnerabilities and complex digital inventory management​​.

  • TEKRiSQ, as a partner, emphasizes the need for quick-to-implement solutions that are user-friendly. NordLayer's efficient onboarding and straightforward user interface stand out. Features like easy client network management and activity reporting add significant value, making the solution minimally demanding for clients​​.

  • According to Cutec, NordLayer has been a cost-effective and flexible solution for SMBs, especially those lacking in-house cybersecurity expertise. The smooth and efficient rollout of the NordLayer VPN connection, particularly for many users, demonstrates its ease of use and deployment effectiveness​​.

NordLayer benefits according to partners

This feedback encapsulates the key aspects of NordLayer's strengths: ease of use, adaptability, and efficient deployment, catering to various business needs.

Lastly, how do you measure the success of a channel partnership?

We measure our partner's success through a lens of collaborative growth. Beyond traditional metrics like the number of licenses and billings, we prioritize the quality of our partnership, innovative solutions, and shared milestones. 

I believe in success that lies in amplifying strengths, seizing opportunities, and navigating challenges together. We're committed to building lasting partnerships that foster mutual learning, innovation, and a meaningful impact on our industries. 

Thank you.

Are you looking for a trusted partner to secure your clients’ networks? NordLayer offers a Partner Program with a focus on tangible benefits for its partners and simple yet effective solutions to protect businesses in the hectic cybersecurity landscape.

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