The Zero Trust MSP advantage to unlock market potential

Zero Trust: MSPs market edge

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) aim to boost their market share and client trust. When we compare specific elements of Zero-Trust solutions, like ZTNA vs VPN, we see that Zero Trust is generally more secure and effective. It's becoming a key part of how MSPs work and serve their clients. Let's examine the Zero-Trust framework and its impact on MSPs.

Key takeaways

  • Zero Trust (ZT) operates on the idea that no one is trusted without ongoing checks and approvals.

  • Introducing ZT, MSPs face issues like customer hesitation, managing costs, and adapting to change.

  • The upsides, however, are significant, such as better security and more efficient work.

  • Before introducing ZT, ensure it fits your clients' needs.

  • Trying out ZT with a few clients first can be a smart move.

Understanding Zero Trust

Zero Trust involves:

  • No assumed trust

  • Always denying access by default

  • Protecting data with tight controls

  • Specific, detailed access decisions

  • Constantly checking multiple cybersecurity factors

The Zero-Trust concept is a 'never trust, always verify' approach that checks all access requests, no matter where they come from.

Core components of the Zero Trust approach

Challenges for MSPs

Implementing Zero-Trust solutions can be tough. Challenges include:

  • Customers' resistance to change. Moving from old tools to the Zero-Trust approach can be hard.

  • Cybersecurity knowledge gaps. Customers might not understand the benefits.

  • Overcoming misconceptions. It's important to clear up any ZT myths.

  • Complexity of concepts. ZT should be made simple for users.

  • Proving effectiveness. MSPs need to show real benefits.

  • Cost concerns & ROI. Focus on long-term benefits, not just initial costs.

  • Change management. Adapting operations and training is key.

  • Compliance and regulatory issues. ZT must meet all standards.

  • Scaling solutions. Tailor Zero Trust for different organizations' sizes and types.

  • Balancing security and user experience. Keep access strong but user-friendly.

Benefits of Zero Trust for MSPs

In this list, you'll find advantages of Zero Trust as highlighted by the U.S. Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, and we've also added a few of our own insights from NordLayer: 

  • Increased productivity. Zero Trust makes MSPs more efficient, helping employees work better.

  • Enhanced user experience. Users get secure, easy access to resources.

  • Reduced IT costs. The Zero-Trust approach cuts down on the need for lots of hardware.

  • Flexible access. It allows secure access to resources from anywhere.

  • Suitable for many businesses. Zero Trust works for businesses of any size.

  • Building trust and growing market share. Zero Trust raises MSPs’ credibility and client base.

  • Compliance and regulatory benefits. Zero Trust helps meet data protection laws.

  • Standing out in the market. The Zero-Trust approach sets MSPs apart, attracting new customers.

  • Efficient operations. Zero Trust simplifies cybersecurity management.

How MSPs can implement Zero Trust

MSP checklist: implementing Zero Trust

To decide whether to offer ZT, consider:

  1. Understand customers' needs: Do they handle sensitive data or operate in regulated industries?

  2. Check market demand: Is there a growing interest in Zero-Trust solutions?

  3. Assess your capabilities: Can you manage ZT solutions?

  4. Complement existing services: Does ZT fit with your current offerings?

  5. Seek vendor partnerships: Look for reliable ZT solution providers.

  6. Weigh costs and benefits: Weigh the investment against potential returns.

  7. Educate clients: Be ready to explain ZT benefits to your customers.

  8. Try a pilot program: Test the ZT approach with a few customers first.

How NordLayer helps MSPs

NordLayer, with its standout features like network access management, internet security, compliance tools, and flexible solutions, is an ideal partner for MSPs adopting the Zero-Trust approach. Our partner program and zero-trust solutions are tailored to business needs.

With hybrid work and cloud use, ZT becomes vital. It boosts security, builds trust, and grows market share. With the right approach, MSPs can overcome ZT challenges and benefit greatly.

Starting with ZT for customers

  • Join the MSP partner program. It's simple to get started.

  • Use the service management portal specifically crafted for MSPs. It’s a unified platform to manage client networks using a Zero-Trust strategy.

  • Generate revenue. Start earning more with your new tools.

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