NordLayer feature release: Active Session Timeout

Active Session Timeout

Make complexities of network security a strategic advantage with a new feature designed within the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) framework, NordLayer's Active Session Timeout.

This feature redefines how session times are managed, adding a robust layer of security to the modern digital workspace. This latest addition to the NordLayer suite empowers IT administrators with unprecedented control over session lifespans and enhances network security by mitigating risks associated with prolonged sensitive resource access.

Feature characteristics: what to expect

  • The feature is engineered to automatically log users out of the NordLayer application and Control Panel regardless of whether the user has been actively using the NordLayer service or not.

  • The minimal session duration period is 1 day, and the maximum (and default) session time is 30 days.

  • Central implementation & configuration via Control Panel.

  • Available for all subscription plans.

Problem to solve: Active Session Timeout enforces re-authenticated connections and shortened exposure time periods to increase network security with an automated process.

How does it work?

This feature enforces logout and re-authentication, which is crucial for every organization as an additional security measure. IT administrators can customize session duration time within the Control Panel, and it’s applicable for both Control Panel and NordLayer application users. 

  • Once the session duration time is set, the countdown begins, no matter whether the user was logged in and connected to the gateway during that time period or not. 

  • Upon reaching the specified duration, the session ends automatically, necessitating re-authentication for further access. 

This blend of simplicity, automation, and security ensures that the user experience is fluid while network integrity remains uncompromised.

What problem does it solve?

The rise of remote work and the proliferation of personal devices in professional settings have introduced new layers of complexity in network security. Active Session Timeout  is NordLayer’s answer to these challenges:

  • Reducing exposure time: in case of device theft or loss, the shortened session duration decreases the window for potential unauthorized access.

  • Auto-logout safeguard: users are automatically logged out after the set period, providing a safety net for those who might forget to manually terminate their sessions.

  • Compliance and security alignment: the feature enables organizations to adhere more closely to their internal security policies and compliance requirements by enforcing periodic user re-authentication.

  • Enhanced flexible work policies: Active Session Timeout control supports organizations with Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and remote work policies.

Security by design

NordLayer's Active Session Timeout is more than just a feature—it's a strategic ZTNA framework addition to your organization's cybersecurity posture. This feature not only adds an extra security layer but also integrates seamlessly with existing security protocols.

By allowing precise control over session lengths, it reduces the chances of session hijacking and other related cyber threats. The feature is particularly beneficial for organizations handling sensitive data, as it ensures that sessions are only active for as long as necessary, thereby protecting both organizational and personal data.

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