What is NordLayer?

The multi-layered business cybersecurity solution for enabling all ways of working.


Secure business digital assets

NordLayer is a secure remote access solution born out of Nord Security powerhouse and consumer product NordVPN.

SASE and Zero Trust defined frameworks are the focus baseline for NordLayer development. The solution introduces SaaS security features for the internet, network, and resource access control.

Nordlayer in essence


How you can use NordLayer

Secure Internet Access

Secure internet access

  • Prevent online threats while browsing the internet using ThreatBlock.
  • Encrypt communication channels on public wi-fi in an airport, cafe, or hotel — anywhere your connection isn’t secure.
  • Protect your online presence by hiding your location with a masked IP address.

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Manage network & resource access

Manage secure private access

  • Segment resource & network access by teams via Virtual Private Gateways.
  • Safely connect to your networks, such as corporate and branch office networks.
  • Ensure that every connection is secure, whether using a phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop.
  • Secure third-party access to critical on-premise or cloud resources.
  • Deliver a smarter, more personalized experience to protect consumer privacy and enable secure interactions with your brand.

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Stay compliant

Stay compliant

  • Monitor connectivity activities and device posture within the organization
  • Restrict unauthorized third-party access to company resources.
  • Maintain the compliance requirements of ISO27001, GDPR, HIPAA, SOC Type 2, PCI-DSS, etc.

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Enable secure remote/hybrid working

Enable secure remote/hybrid working

  • Secure internet access
  • Manage access to the company network & resources
  • Conduct compliance

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What makes NordLayer different?

what makes nordlayer different

Easy to start, scale, combine

Our hardware-free solution is quick and easy to procure, set up, and maintain within minutes. Its uncomplicated few-click approach allows integration with existing infrastructures and is fit for businesses of all sizes by transferring user licenses and managing teams and networks centrally.

Searching for custom VPN protocol

Our custom VPN protocol

We know even the best cybersecurity solution might be enhanced, so we constantly search for ways to improve our clients’ experience. To guarantee speedy and undisrupted workflow, we developed NordLynx, our own WireGuard-based VPN protocol for even more secure businesses.

Discussing how Nordlayer can be implemented

Integrates with popular security providers

Does your company already have a favorite Identity & Access Management and Authentication system in place? Great, because we promise NordLayer compatibility with major security service providers on the market, also ensuring quick & easy setup for your team.


Get started with NordLayer

Sign up

Sign up

Follow the quick and easy steps to sign up for NordLayer account and start safeguarding your network.

Download Workforce IAM


Once sign-up is completed, you can download the NordLayer application to your device within minutes.

Start using workforce IAM with Nordlayer

Start using

Sign into the NordLayer application using your details and activate our remote network access solution straightaway.


Premium plan subscription benefits

With the Premium plan, you get top-notch features to guarantee enhanced network access control with granular network segmentation, advanced internet access security, network connectors, and network monitoring capabilities.

Our Premium plan lets you establish secure connections between remote devices and on-site networks. Plus, you can restrict network access for non-compliant devices to elevate your security and performance standards. The plan encompasses key capabilities for implementing ZTNA, FWaaS, and SWG models. Alongside these features, you can count on the trusted reliability, impeccable uptime SLAs, and 24/7 priority support that you've come to expect.

NordLayer Advanced Plan subscription


They trust us

Every company turns to NordLayer for various reasons but ultimately, they want to secure their businesses’ networks and enable protected ways of working.

Whether you require sensitive client data protection in the finance industry or to cover skilled IT professionals shortage for a quickly scaling global company, we at NordLayer promise you can trust us.

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