Dedicated IP with VPN: enhanced privacy & usability in one package

With NordLayer, businesses can use a Fixed IP to enable network access control functionality. Set user access permissions and segment your network to ensure critical resources are off-limits to those who don’t need them.

14-day money-back guarantee

14-day money-back guarantee

Dedicated IP with VPN


What is Dedicated IP?

A Dedicated IP (or Fixed IP) is an internet protocol address assigned exclusively to you and your company through a Virtual Private Gateway. It's an essential component that enables easy permission management and prevents unauthorized access to your network. With a Dedicated IP, your team members can conveniently access your business data regardless of their location.

What is Dedicated IP?


Why use Dedicated IP?

When channeled through a Dedicated (Static) IP, all of your online traffic will always remain private and unseen. Implementing a Dedicated IP is a simple and effective way to maintain a robust security system, ensuring that all users on your network are trusted ones. You can utilize Dedicated IPs to control permissions, prevent unauthorized network access, and make sure your team can smoothly access business data regardless of their location.

Secure remote access

Secure Remote Access

Dedicated Servers with Fixed IPs allow for safe and efficient access to company resources. Every employee using a Fixed IP can reach cloud-based networks by setting up a next-gen site-to-site VPN with a flexible solution like NordLayer. Our easy-to-use VPN apps are available on all major platforms, allowing your team to work safely from anywhere, on any device.

Allowlisting your IP's

Allowlisting your IP’s

You’re in control of who can access specific resources by allowing particular IP addresses, ensuring only authorized employees can access sensitive corporate assets. Segmenting network permissions is achievable by allowlisting your Dedicated IP addresses and allowing teams access to the servers and gateways you choose.

Prevent internal and external data breaches

Prevent internal and external data breaches

Using a Dedicated IP alongside a Business VPN ensures that your employees remain safe and anonymous while accessing your company network. Your traffic is also encrypted, keeping it hidden from potentially malicious users outside of your network perimeter. With a solution like NordLayer, you create private gateways assigned to specific teams and company branches. More so, you can utilize specific company servers and customize team-gateway access to manage permissions and protect sensitive business data efficiently.


Fixed IP vs Dynamic IP

Dedicated IP

(Fixed IP)

A dedicated IP is an IP address only used by one person or organization via a dedicated server and a private gateway.

  • With a dedicated server, NordLayer can assign a dedicated IP address that only you can use.
  • This IP address will be different from your actual local IP address, so you’ll be protected with your online services.
  • All your data traffic will be sent through the dedicated server without losing any control of your digital privacy. No one else can use your company’s dedicated IP.

Shared IP

(Dynamic IP)

Most of the time, when you connect to a VPN with a shared IP address - or Dynamic IP - it is used by other unknown users. A Shared IP will change according to the server, and it’ll commonly move locations to maintain security. Such an IP will not be unique to your organization.

  • This means the data traffic of other VPN users is being sent through the same VPN server.
  • Also known as Dynamic IPs, a shared IP is assigned only temporarily and often changes.
  • This isn’t the case with a fixed IP.


IP comparison: Dedicated IP VPN & Shared IP VPN

Dedicated IP

Fixed IP

Utilizes the same technology

Specific to an organization via a dedicated server & private gateway

The IP address is fixed at all times and remains unchanged

All traffic through the IP address will be for you and your business only

Shared IP

Dynamic IP

Utilizes the same technology

Specific to a user or business via a dedicated server & private gateway

IP address is fixed at all times and remains unchanged

All traffic through the IP address will be for you and your business only


Dedicated VPN server with Fixed IP use cases

Fixed IP address exclusively for your business

VPN with Dedicated / Static IP

Prevent unwarranted access to sensitive systems with a secure VPN connection across the internet. Use a VPN with fixed IP to safely connect your private business cloud and your on-premises network.

Secure Remote Access

Quickly and easily gain access to company networks securely, whether your business teams are working from home, the office, or on the other side of the world.

Network Segmentation

Ensure that only trusted users will be authorized to enter the network to access company resources. This adds another layer of protection against costly and damaging cyber threats.

Protect your IoT devices

Restrict access to IoT devices that communicate back to the internet and work with it within your organization. This ensures these devices are safe from malicious actors.


Stay even more secure with Deep Packet Inspection, which analyzes application network usage behavior, ensures data accuracy, and helps to identify malicious code.

Connect and route traffic to a Custom DNS for improved online safety

DNS Filtering

Utilize DNS filtering to improve your organization’s security by preventing common and unknown threats to your online safety—like harmful websites and phishing attacks.

Network Access Control (NAC)

Implement a series of security solutions that expand visibility and access management via device and user policies to protect and connect all reaches of the corporate infrastructure.

Virtual Private Gateways

Establish a safe tunnel to connect and transport encrypted data between devices, the cloud, and enterprise servers across the internet.


How to get a Dedicated IP address?

  1. Get NordLayer

    Get NordLayer or upgrade your plan to Core or Premium, which will allow you to set up a dedicated IP address.

  2. Set up Dedicated IP

    Follow easy and detailed instructions to set up the dedicated IP address in less than 5 minutes.

  3. Connect and enjoy

    Select your assigned dedicated IP server in the NordLayer app.


Global access to a robust & reliable server infrastructure

Our wide network of servers ensures smooth performance — allowing your team to work securely from locations worldwide while using the VPN.

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Just one with dedicated IP provided by NordLayer’s dedicated server option is enough to protect your entire company and provide secure network access to your whole workforce. You can assign the same dedicated IP address to multiple team members by adding or transferring user licenses via our centralized Control Panel.