Third-party reviews: Perimeter 81 competitors and alternatives


We know how important it is to make the right decision when it comes to selecting cybersecurity tools and solutions. This blog article will have hands-on information about how secure network access solutions and VPNs compare to the most commonly chosen alternatives in the market. 

In this article, we will overview Perimeter 81 competitors and alternatives.

Disclaimer: This article is based entirely on third-party reviews and open-source online information accessed between April 15 and 22, 2024. NordLayer is not responsible for data accuracy, as competitor information is subject to change. The competitor information was gathered through a combination of manual research and data extraction. Data points include feature comparisons and product analysis.

Overview of Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81’s mission is to simplify secure network, cloud, and application access for the modern and mobile workforce. It achieves this by transforming traditional network security technology into one unified Zero Trust Network as a Service derived from a SASE framework.

Perimeter 81 capabilities

  • Smooth integration and deployment 

  • Good customer service

  • Satisfactory speed and performance

  • Offers completely audited access

Perimeter 81 benefits

According to the Perimeter 81 website, the flexible and straightforward solution is their strength.

  • Easy building and management without lengthy setups and manual configurations.

  • Fast and flexible solution deployment with a centralized dashboard for resource management.

Perimeter 81 limitations

Perimeter’s weaknesses, according to the mentioned review platforms, are:

  • Premium plans are required to access advanced features

  • Customer support has access to substantial information

  • A relatively small number of countries to select from

  • Pricing is on the higher end

Let’s overview the competition of Perimeter 81 available in the market.

Disclaimer: Product review is based on information provided on VPN review sites such as Gartner, Capterra, and Cybernews and assessed customer feedback shared on these platforms, accessed on April 22, 2024.


NordLayer is a multi-layered business cybersecurity tool enabling all ways of working. It is a secure remote access solution from the Nord Security powerhouse and consumer product NordVPN.

The baseline of NordLayer's development focus is defined by Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Zero Trust frameworks. The solution introduces SaaS security features for the internet, resource, and network access control.

NordLayer capabilities

  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure and intuitive deployment of a cloud-based platform

  • Scalable with an unlimited number of users and adaptable to various business needs

  • High-performance service and 24/7 tech-savvy support for all plans

  • Strong product capabilities and comprehensive cloud-native feature set

  • In-house developed NordLynx VPN protocol based on Wireguard® for unprecedented performance and speed.

NordLayer benefits

According to the NordLayer website, the solution’s strengths are in its simplicity, security capabilities, and performance.

  • Easy to start, scale, and combine, as the solution requires no hardware and is simple to deploy, set up, and maintain within minutes. It integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructures and has a user-friendly Control Panel. 

  • Custom and unique security solutions like NordLayer, the fastest unique VPN protocol, or Browser Extension, a lightweight solution for traffic encryption on a browser level only.

  • Compatibility with popular security providers facilitates the smooth integration of existing Identity & Access Management (IAM) and authentication systems and tools for a quick setup.

  • NordLayer offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

NordLayer use cases

NordLayer offers a hassle-free cybersecurity solution tailored for businesses. It enables organizations to create secure remote connections to the internet, their company network, and cloud-based resources, facilitating compliance for any way of working.

  • Secure internet access: Protect traveling employees by securing remote access through public Wi-Fi. This prevents threats while browsing the internet, allows access to geo-specific content, and ensures the masking of IP addresses for enhanced privacy and security.

  • Network & resource access management: Establish segmented access to company resources, control access by selecting specific content categories and applications, create connections between remote devices, and enable remote access to hybrid resources. This enhances overall operational flexibility and security.

  • Achieving compliance: Continuously monitor VPN activity within your organization, maintain an overview of devices present in the network, manage identity and remote access for both users and applications, and ensure the encryption of data transmissions originating from untrusted networks to bolster overall cybersecurity.

NordLayer limitations

  • No API access is available

  • Does not integrate with SIEM solutions

  • Minimum member license quota

NordLayer reviews

To provide an objective evaluation of the product, we will refer to major VPN review sites (Gartner, Capterra, Cybernews) and will look into client feedback shared on these websites:

Reviews on Gartner, Cybernews, Capterra

Customer feedback and insights:

NordLayer Reviews

NordLayer offers Security Service Edge (SSE) capabilities like Cloud Firewall (FWaaS), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), and Secure Web Gateway (SWG) for creating robust security policies. To learn more about NordLayer's secure network access solution features and plans, see our pricing information.


Twingate is a security service that provides controlled remote access to company cloud resources through Zero Trust verification, detailed secure access policies, and multi-factor authentication. It’s deployable on multiple cloud-native services and designed for easy integration with existing tech stacks.

Twingate capabilities

  • Integrations with major IdPs, MDM/EDRs, SIEMs, and DOH providers

  • Security model based on Zero Trust Architecture

  • Centralized management

  • Free introductory plan and free trial 

Twingate benefits

According to the Twingate website, the solution’s strengths are its access controls and connectivity.

  • Implementation of least privileged access to protect SaaS applications and cloud-based or on-premise resources

  • Automated Zero Trust integration with API-first design for easy integration with infrastructure as code (IaC)

Twingate limitations

  • It doesn’t provide access control at the port level

  • Requires third-party access to company infrastructure

  • Customer support is limited (i.e., forum support for mid-tier plan)

  • Twingate connector deployment for remote resource access is done via Linux systems or an OCI (docker), which requires technical knowledge

Disclaimer: This review draws on details from prominent VPN evaluation websites like TechRadar, TrustRadius, Comparitech, and customer opinions shared through these channels as of April 22, 2024.


GoodAccess is a cloud-based VPN that offers secure, encrypted access to local networks with Zero Trust security, static IPs, and threat protection for remote workforce across various devices and locations.

GoodAccess capabilities

  • Static IP for business teams, enabling access to geo-blocked resources

  • High-level encryption for secure internet access and data protection

  • The global public infrastructure of 35+ locations

  • Security features include features like basic and premium threat blockers

GoodAccess benefits

According to the GoodAccess website, the solution’s strengths are its access controls and connectivity.

  • Inexpensive with a free trial and a starting capabilities plan

  • Fast setup and simplified management with an easy-to-use web management platform

GoodAccess limitations

  • Few private server locations

  • Better suits small- and medium-sized organizations

  • 24/7 live support is available for the enterprise plan only

Disclaimer: This analysis is informed by details from leading VPN comparison websites (Capterra, TechRadar, G2) and reviews shared by users on those platforms as of April 22, 2024.


Zscaler is a cloud-based security company providing solutions that improve the safety of users and data across various internet and private networks. It is designed to securely connect users to their applications and manage device policies without traditional hardware-based boundaries.

Zscaler capabilities

  • Offers SASE framework components: SWG, CASB, ZTNA, FWaaS

  • Access control that is detailed and customizable

  • Enhanced visibility into user activities and assets

Zscaler benefits

  • Enhanced security through a multi-layered approach

  • Suits businesses of all sizes

  • User-friendly interface

Zscaler limitations

  • Configuration complexity, which can be challenging for businesses without dedicated IT teams

  • Demands high-speed internet for optimal performance

  • Pricing details are only available through consultation

Disclaimer: Product review is based on information provided on Zscaler's website, Gartner and TechRadar's reviews of Zscaler, and customer feedback shared on review platforms (G2), accessed on April 22, 2024.


Cisco is a global technology leader known for its networking and security solutions. These solutions are integrated across Cisco's entire product portfolio and aim to protect enterprise networks, data, and applications.

Cisco capabilities

  • Provides services like malware protection, intrusion prevention, and secure internet gateways.

  • Offers an SSE-based unified defense strategy across networks, clouds, endpoints, and applications.

  • Delivers comprehensive network and cloud security analytics, ideal for large enterprises due to its scalable and detailed features.

Cisco benefits

  • Scalable, advanced threat protection, and comprehensive integration capabilities.

  • Centralized management features across its products enable simplified administration of security policies and procedures.

  • Extensive global reach.

Cisco limitations

  • Some users find the setup and management of certain Cisco security products to be complex and resource-intensive.

  • The cost can be a barrier for smaller businesses or those with limited IT budgets.

Disclaimer: This review draws from details on Cisco's corporate site, analyses from industry analysts like Gartner and Forrester, as well as end-user reviews found on TrustRadius and G2 as of April 22, 2024.

Make an informed decision

The review of Perimeter 81 and its competitors aims to support decision-makers in securing access to the organization's local networks and protecting their teams. However, they are struggling to find a starting point. 

Explore Decision Maker’s Kit, a free tool prepared by the NordLayer team, which helps build a strategy for selecting the most suitable solution for your organization and guides you throughout the process from A to Z. 

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