NordLayer's 2023 wins: 7 prestigious awards and G2 recognition

NordLayer's 2023 wins: 7 prestigious awards and G2 recognition

In 2023, NordLayer earned seven major awards, showcasing its growth in cybersecurity and network solutions. The awards include honors from the American Business Stevie® Awards, Globee® Cybersecurity Awards, and Cyber Defense Magazine's Top InfoSec Innovator Awards. These prizes demonstrate that NordLayer is truly stepping up its tech game. The company also received 25 G2 award badges in fall 2023, confirming its rising industry status.

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US business recognition: the American Business Stevie® Awards

Known as "The Stevies," the American Business Awards symbolize US business excellence. Since 2002, they have recognized achievements in various sectors like marketing, IT, and customer service. The awards welcome entries from all US organizations, regardless of their size or type.

The Stevies' judging involves over 230 global professionals annually. Judges from various fields assess each entry for excellence. The awards feature Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels, reflecting different achievement tiers.

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NordLayer's win in the Stevie® Awards' Best Business Technology Pivot category, showcases our innovation and adaptability. This achievement places us in a prominent spot within the US business sector. It also confirms our effective approach to business technology and cybersecurity.

Global recognition at the Globee® Cybersecurity Awards

The 19th annual Globee® Cybersecurity Awards are a key global platform for cybersecurity excellence. They cover numerous categories, highlighting important advancements in this area. Over 250 experts rigorously evaluate entries, underscoring the competitive aspect of cybersecurity innovations.

NordLayer's NordLynx received recognition, demonstrating our impactful role in cybersecurity. This highlights NordLayer's significant position in the field and our commitment in digital security.

Top InfoSec Innovator Awards by Cyber Defense Magazine

In its 11th year, the Top InfoSec Innovator Awards by Cyber Defense Magazine represent a key accolade in the cybersecurity field. These awards recognize notable advancements in information security, with categories that span threat detection, risk management, and cyber defense strategies. Established in 2012, Cyber Defense Magazine provides a platform for these awards.

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NordLayer's achievement as the Most Innovative Zero Trust highlights our role in developing crucial security measures like the Zero Trust approach.

The SaaS Awards: spotlight on software-as-a-service excellence

The SaaS Awards, established in 2015, have become a key global benchmark in the software industry. They focus on Software as a Service achievements, attracting a diverse range of global companies. The awards span numerous categories, reflecting the diversity and innovation within the SaaS sector.

An international panel of industry experts judges these awards, focusing on innovation, usability, and performance. This guarantees a thorough review of all entries. NordLayer's finalist position in the Best Security Innovation in a SaaS Product category marks significant industry recognition and underscores the importance of a forward-thinking approach to security in SaaS solutions.

Technological advancement in security: the Computing Security Awards

The Computing Security Awards are a key event in the cybersecurity industry, recognizing excellence in network and information security. These awards attract entries from a wide range of global companies.

NordLayer's 2023 finalist status for Network Security Solution of the Year highlights our cybersecurity effectiveness.

Effective remote working environments: the RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards

The RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards, part of Tech Breakthrough, honor excellence in remote work technologies. In the digital and remote work era, these awards have become increasingly relevant. 

NordLayer's win as the Best Overall Remote Work Security Solution of the Year in 2023 from over 1,250 nominees showcases our prowess in remote work cybersecurity. This award highlights our commitment to secure and efficient remote work solutions.

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Merit Awards: recognizing technological innovation

Founded in 2022, the Merit Awards honor global industry achievements with a focus on technology. These awards recognize leaders in innovation and technological progress, assessing cutting-edge technology submissions. Marie Zander, the executive director, emphasizes that the 2023 Technology Award winners have set new standards in technology use.

The selection process involves a diverse panel of industry experts and educators. Winners, categorized into gold, silver, and bronze levels, receive digital badges and promotional tools for recognition. NordLayer's cybersecurity win at these awards highlights its significant role in driving technology innovation.

Users’ recognition: NordLayer's achievement in G2 awards fall 2023

G2, a top software marketplace, is known for authentic user reviews on various products and services. With over 90 million users annually, including Fortune 500 employees, G2 is a key software resource. In fall 2023, NordLayer earned 25 G2 awards, showing its excellence in multiple software categories. This user-driven recognition makes NordLayer a top performer in the software landscape.

Business VPN Leader category

In the highly competitive BusinessVPN Leader category, NordLayer won nine awards, demonstrating its strong market position. These awards focus on partnership quality, multi-device usage, customer support, and protocol choices, key to user satisfaction. The range of awards includes:

  • Business VPN Momentum Leader

  • Business VPN Leader

  • Business VPN Leader: Americas

  • Business VPN Leader: Asia-Pacific

  • Business VPN Leader: Europe

  • Business VPN Mid-Market Leader

  • Business VPN Mid-Market Leader: Americas

  • Business VPN Small-Business Leader

  • Business VPN Small-Business Leader: Americas

Best Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platforms

SASE platforms unify various security solutions into a cloud-native service for modern computing needs. These platforms, evolving from secure web gateways and cloud access security broker (CASB) software, include Zero-Trust networking and secure perimeters. NordLayer stands out on the following categories:

  • Cloud Security Leader

  • Cloud Security Leader: Americas

  • Cloud Security Small-Business Leader

  • Cloud Security Small-Business Leader: Americas

Network Access Control (NAC) leader category

In the Network Access Control (NAC) category, NordLayer's awards demonstrate our prowess in policy control and data protection. G2 evaluates factors like partnership quality and security. So, G2’s recognition reinforces NordLayer’s position with titles like: 

  • Network Access Control (NAC) Momentum Leader

  • Network Access Control (NAC) Leader: Americas

Significance of NordLayer's diverse awards

NordLayer's varied awards across different sectors highlight our dedication to solving cybersecurity challenges. These recognitions affirm the effectiveness of our approach, in line with our mission to simplify cybersecurity for organizations. With user appreciation as a key indicator of success, each award marks NordLayer's progress in the cybersecurity field. 

Organizations seeking to strengthen their cybersecurity can rely on NordLayer's recognized solutions. For more information or assistance, please contact our sales team.

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