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The customer support team at NordLayer is knowledgeable, quick to help, and available 24/7. Their expertise is appreciated by both our customers and the whole team, and that’s why we want to introduce Evaldas Kasnauskas, the Head of Customer Services at NordLayer.

In his interview below, Evaldas talks about how our customer support agents stay on top of their game, the most common issues they are solving, why deep technical knowledge matters, and why it is a bad idea to suppose cybersecurity solutions are not needed once a company switches back to working from the office.

Can you describe the customer support team at NordLayer in a few sentences?

We are a group of young and very motivated people who strive to offer the best customer experience in the VPN field and possibly the whole IT market. Being a relatively recently formed team, we can quickly adapt and meet our customers’ needs.

What are some of the key qualities you look for when hiring new team members?

We always look for empathetic people with good common sense. Additionally, we really value people with technical backgrounds who can grasp complex NordLayer and our customer network setups with ease.

How is NordLayer’s customer support different from the usual?

Since we started our Customer Support team with a very small group of people, our customer support agents contributed heavily to building out the processes and helped form the customer experience you see today. We believe that our customer support is different due to the strong feedback loop between the product and our support agents.

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Cybersecurity is a highly technical field. Does your team go through extensive training, or maybe you only hire tech support with a technical background?

Our Customer Support agents go over an extensive onboarding process and have monthly meetings and training sessions with our System Administrators to be up to date with our solution intricacies and the ever-evolving cybersecurity market.

Customer Support Operations Managers also try to stay up to date with all market changes by working with our product team very closely every week.

What are some of the core values that guide your team to success?

Attention to detail, always act on feedback and put yourself in customers’ shoes.

NordLayer’s customer support is known for its speed and efficiency in solving issues. How do you reach success in these areas?

Our Support Leads are experts in their respective fields. That is why simple issues get picked up and resolved very quickly. 

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Complicated issues are always escalated to our Product team, where our customer issues always get high priority as we take service availability and experience very seriously.

As a team leader, how do you motivate your team?

Apart from following the latest trends in motivating our employees, we always welcome feedback from our customer support agents and listen to their needs, which motivates every team member personally. While there will always be trends among the team, listening to everyone personally is crucial.

What are some of the main challenges someone working in cybersecurity customer service faces? 

Our customer support reps deal with many businesses that use very different and complex cybersecurity and networking/firewall technologies. The main challenges that they face are understanding those technologies and types of problems that our customers face while using them and being able to suggest solutions based on our product features.

What are some of the most common questions or scenarios your team has to solve?

Most of the encountered scenarios and questions with our customers are educational, answering any questions our customers may have and helping them use our solution to the fullest extent. In the meantime, our customers help us to grow as well – we constantly add new Help Center articles based on customers’ requests and needs.

Speaking from experience, what is the most common cybersecurity mistake organizations make, and how could they avoid it?

Cybersecurity and its best practices don’t end when people return to offices or complete projects with their remote colleagues. Some companies choose to drop cybersecurity solutions when they feel that they don’t need them anymore, especially in the context of remote work and project-based work. Still, cyber threats remain even then, and staying secure and vigilant is key to retaining their company’s cyber-integrity.


Often, cybersecurity issues are time-sensitive. How does NordLayer ensure customers are helped right away?

We have a team of Customer Support representatives available via LiveChat and email 24/7. In case of an emergency, our customers can start a conversation with us in less than a minute. Other Product teams have on-call schedules and are also always ready to act.

Lastly, can you list all the ways NordLayer’s customers can get in touch with your team? 

Start an instant conversation with us via LiveChat by clicking on the blue bubble in the right bottom corner of all our web pages or send us an email via [email protected].

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