7 cybersecurity podcasts to check out in 2024


The top cybersecurity podcasts today

The world of cybersecurity is complex and constantly changing. For experts, beginners, and everyone in between, cybersecurity podcasts are a valuable source of knowledge.

In 2024, cybersecurity podcasts have become more varied and informative than ever. They provide insights, stories, and analysis for all levels of interest and expertise.

These podcasts explore topics from cybercrime mysteries to high-level digital security strategies.

Explore with us the 7 best cybersecurity podcasts this year, each bringing unique insights and crucial information in this field:

  1. Darknet Diaries

  2. Hacked

  3. Security Now

  4. CyberWire Daily

  5. Smashing Security

  6. Cybersecurity Simplified

  7. Risky Business

Darknet Diaries

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'Darknet Diaries,' hosted by Jack Rhysider, explores the lesser-known aspects of the digital world.

Since its start in September 2017, the podcast has gained popularity for its in-depth cybercrime stories. Rhysider's expertise in security engineering and SOC experience enriches each episode.

Listeners are drawn to 'Darknet Diaries' for its investigative style and insights into pen-testing. The podcast's clear explanations and expert guests make complex subjects understandable. It's an engaging and informative podcast, appealing to I.T. professionals and the general public.


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Hacked’ explores how technology impacts our lives in unexpected ways.

This biweekly podcast shares stories about technology mishaps and cybersecurity, narrated with skill and insight. Since October 2015, it has attracted a loyal audience, reflected in its strong Spotify rating.

Jordan Bloemen adds narrative flair and creative expertise to the podcast. Scott Francis Winder contributes strategic insights from his experience in a leading creative agency. Their conversations turn technical topics into engaging, understandable stories, blending cybersecurity news with light-hearted elements.

Security Now

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'Security Now' stands out with the expertise of Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte in computer security. Steve Gibson's over fifty years in programming have significantly shaped the cybersecurity industry. His notable work includes creating light pen technology and founding Gibson Research Corporation. Leo Laporte brings knowledge from his long career in tech shows since 1991.

Launched in August 2005, this podcast is likely one of the oldest broadcasting in cybersecurity. It covers various tech events and security challenges, appealing to diverse listeners.

On a side note, all the transcripts of their shows are available on their old-school website for those who prefer reading.

CyberWire Daily

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'CyberWire Daily,' produced by the CyberWire team, provides daily updates on cybersecurity. Since December 2015, it has become a trusted source of global cybersecurity expertise. Host Dave Bittner, experienced in digital media, makes complex cybersecurity issues understandable.

CyberWire, the podcast's creator, started in September 2012 and is known for impartial, comprehensive cybersecurity coverage.

The podcast features a daily news format and particular segments like 'Career Notes,' highlighting cybersecurity professionals' paths, and 'Research Saturday' to discuss new studies.

Smashing Security 

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'Smashing Security,' with hosts Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, has been discussing cybersecurity weekly since December 2016. Cluley, a pioneer in antivirus development and a respected blogger, has influenced cybersecurity for decades. Theriault, who started the Sophos Naked Security site, now directs a digital media company.

The podcast stands out for its engaging and conversational approach, often featuring exciting guests. Cluley and Theriault simplify cybersecurity topics, making them enjoyable and easy to understand.

They provide additional resources for listeners who want to explore topics more deeply.

'Smashing Security' combines expert knowledge with an accessible style.

Cybersecurity Simplified 

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'Cybersecurity Simplified,' a monthly podcast since January 2021, features hosts with extensive experience in the field. David Barton, a CTO and CISO with over twenty years in cybersecurity, shares his practical expertise. Susanna Song brings her 15 years of experience in journalism and communications, adding clarity and engagement to the podcast.

Each episode, under 30 minutes, simplifies online safety in a way everyone can understand. They focus on current cybersecurity news and trends, and Barton shares practical strategies from his CTO experience.

As one of the most accessible cybersecurity podcasts, 'Cybersecurity Simplified' is known for its blend of security experts' analysis and clear explanations, ideal for understanding digital safety.

Risky Business

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'Risky Business' isn't the 80s movie with Tom Cruise, but a long-running show that has been making waves since February 2007. The podcast, led by an experienced team, covers everything from technical details to emerging trends. Regular guest hosts add diversity and new perspectives to the discussions.

Listeners tune in for credible news and thoughtful analysis. They love the depth of expertise and the engaging storytelling style.

Praised for its common-sense style and balanced discussions, 'Risky Business' is both educational and accessible.

A brand-new podcast on cybercrime

Psychology of Crime podcast

At the start of 2024, an important cybersecurity podcast emerged—'Psychology of Cybercrime' hosted by Mark T. Hofmann, a profiling expert and a cybercrime analyst. We recently ran an interview with Mark.

This podcast dives into the psychological aspects of hacking, emphasizing social engineering and ways to guard against it. For insights on minimizing the risks of being attacked, 'Psychology of Cybercrime' is a must-listen in 2024, too.

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