Simplify your cybersecurity with Enterprise Access Management

Designed to suit businesses of all sizes, Enterprise Access Management is your all-in-one solution that provides secure access to different sites & devices, protects access to sensitive data, and helps manage your network access control. Grow your business with the right kind of protection: reduce IT costs, prevent data breaches, stay compliant, and worry-free.

Enterprise access management solutions


What is Enterprise Access Management?

Think of Enterprise Identity and Access Management as your digital gatekeeper, always aware of who's connecting, which device they're using, and when they're accessing your company's gateways. It's a powerful system, designed to keep your business operations safe and secure while maintaining efficiency and ease of use.

Enterprise access management scheme


Every modern business needs it. But why?

In today's digital age, managing who has access to what within an organization is more crucial than ever. For employees, Enterprise Access Management means simple and secure access to the tools and information they need, reducing frustration and boosting productivity.

For IT teams, it takes the hassle out of managing who gets access to which internal resources, ensuring maximum data protection. Ultimately, it forms a protective barrier against cyber threats, providing peace of mind for everyone in the organization.



The game-changing benefits of Enterprise Access Management for your business

Data breach prevention

Data breach prevention

With Enterprise Identity and Access Management, protecting access to sensitive data becomes a more manageable task. It ensures that only authorized users have access to sensitive information, significantly reducing the potential risk of data breaches. Rest assured knowing your valuable data is in safe hands, fostering trust within your organization and with your clients.

Reduced IT ops costs

Reduced IT ops costs

Enterprise Access Management isn't just about security–it's also a cost saver. By automating access control tasks, it frees up your IT team's time, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives instead of time-consuming manual processes. This means less spent on routine operations and more resources dedicated to driving business growth.

Enterprise-level login management

Enterprise-level login management

Going beyond traditional username and password, Enterprise AM offers Single Sign-On (SSO) and multi-factor authentication, fostering efficiency and digital security in your workspace. It also helps manage multiple user identities, making it an indispensable tool for organizations seeking to streamline operations without compromising on security.


Enterprise AM: your partner in meeting compliance regulations


Adhering to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act standards is vital for healthcare organizations. Enterprise Access Management ensures tight security and controlled access to patient data, making compliance achievable and manageable.


Businesses handling card payments prioritize Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance. Enterprise Access Management secures cardholder data access and prevents unauthorized use, essential for maintaining secure payment environments.


How Enterprise Access Management transforms your business operations

Optimized login process: Single Sign On

Secure & simplify your login process to Nordlayer control panel and apps by allowing single sign on login from various providers. With options from the most popular SSO providers, it's all about making your day-to-day operations smoother, faster, and really secure.

Optimized login process SSO

Automated user onboarding & offboarding

There's no need to manually manage hundreds of users––we integrate with top SCIM providers, ensuring each user has appropriate access. This makes the process of adding or removing users efficient, precise, and saves your team valuable time.

Automated user onboarding and offboarding

Streamlined work with secure Cloud access

Granting access to cloud applications and services has never been this simple. Ensure your employees can work with the tools they need, wherever they are, while keeping your data secure and your operations streamlined.

Streamlined work with secure Cloud access

Auditing: proactive risk management

Regular auditing is an essential part of Enterprise Access Management. By constantly monitoring who, what, and when connects to your network, it's easy to spot and address potential security risks. Plus, you can generate reports to maintain a clear overview of access details, ensuring compliance and security at all times.

Auditing proactive risk management


Supercharge your workflow & device posture security with NordLayer

NordLayers Site-to-site VPN

Site-to-Site VPN

Securely connect your corporate network with its remote offices, enabling a reliable link to the company's resources, no matter where you're working from.

NordLayers Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP

Grant permissions, prevent unauthorized network access, and make sure your team can easily access company data from anywhere in the world.

NordLayers Smart Remote Access

Smart Remote Access

Share files endpoint-to-endpoint seamlessly, ensuring collaborative work isn't hindered by distance or different locations.

NordLayers Virtual Private Gateway

Virtual Private Gateways

Virtual Private Gateways work as a secure bridge between devices, the cloud, and your enterprise servers, allowing safe and encrypted data exchange.


Why companies worldwide trust NordLayer for their Access Management

Choosing NordLayer means choosing Enterprise Access Management designed to meet your specific business needs. We prioritize user ease and efficiency, making secure access to services straightforward for your team.

At NordLayer, we prioritize your data security by using advanced AES256 and ChaCha20 encryption methods. Our dedication to trust, transparency, and customer satisfaction is why businesses around the globe choose us.

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