NordLayer report: reflecting on 2023

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“Dear cyber enthusiasts,

In December, businesses and air alike turn frosty. Offices fill with the scent of tangerines and the sound of Christmas songs, marking a time for reflection on the past year and planning for the next—at NordLayer, we've been doing just that.

We've reviewed our 2023 goals, targets, and accomplishments, realizing it's been a challenging but highly rewarding year. Our commitment to delivering a top-quality product has positioned us as a formidable contender in the cybersecurity market.

As we wrap up the year, we're proud and eager to excel even more in 2024. We're set to face new challenges, get closer to our clients, and elevate network security, making it as straightforward as possible.”

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Let's start with a brief flashback to 2023. It was a year marked by innovative solutions and significant customer growth. Current user statistics aren't just numbers but stories of trust and reliability. The feedback loop with clients has evolved from a conversation into a thriving community, each interaction shaping the next wave of features.

Recap of 2023 in a glance

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Our clients

In 2023, NordLayer grew significantly, reaching a staggering number of over 8,500+ client organizations worldwide.

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In the past year, we did a number of interviews about our solution with clients and partners. Having first-hand feedback is the best way to grow and evolve.

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Our customers highlight product simplicity, the easiness it brings to their daily jobs, and how the service doesn’t disturb business and users' workflow.

Not only clients but also partners engage in sharing their stories of using NordLayer for their customer organizations.

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In 2023, we established many successful partnerships with MSPs, resellers, and master agents. The NordLayer Partner Program is continuously growing and improving. And we are inviting new partners to join us in 2024 and achieve new business goals by securing organizations' networks together.

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Product growth and development

NordLayer has grown exponentially since its launch in 2019. SASE framework and ZTNA adoption allowed the solution to scale in a user-friendly way, enabling all ways of working.

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2023 marked NordLayer entering FWaaS market. It complements the Security Service Edge (SSE) framework, which is the base for the product development direction. Cloud Firewall is a great addition to already existing NordLayer SSE components of ZTNA and SWG.

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In 2023, we launched a major annual achievement, the Cloud Firewall, for a more granular network access control. We also focused on refining our product to include features of the FWaaS framework.

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The features of the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) segment were enhanced with Always On VPN and Device Posture Security functionalities. What does that mean for our users?

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The Secure Web Gateway (SWG) part was focused on improving online security and protected browsing.

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Keeping a pulse on the industry

Since secure networks start with conscious users, many threats and risks can be mitigated at the entry levels. Thus, we at NordLayer perform research and create tools and knowledge bases for you to read and share.

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Global Remote Work Index ‘23

Last year, the Global Remote Work Index, or GRWI, took the media by storm—research groups, news channels, and countries were sharing our collected insights about how they rank for safe remote work.

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In 2023, we launched GRWI 2.0, an improved version of mapping out your next remote work destination. Designed to aid businesses with hybrid work policies and freelancers and users who want to use the opportunity to explore the world while working, it’s a great, extensive data collection with a lot of insights and advice.

To stay on top of the latest trends in the industry, we not only browse, talk, and research but also travel.

In the past year, NordLayer’s direct and indirect sales teams went miles to participate in the events. With the pandemic totally behind our backs, it’s pleasant to have business meeting partners and potential customers in person.

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Besides live events, NordLayer hosted and participated in online events that put the cherry on top of 2023. 

Building team-player culture

We like talking about our achievements and product growth, but they wouldn’t be achieved without people behind the scenes. In 2023, the NordLayer team experienced a significant moment. We relocated to our new headquarters in Cyber City, a home of innovation and technology.

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Working, partying, and basically living part of our lives together with our hub brands like NordVPN, NordPass, and NordLocker, we are all about a team, playing a ball well to score goals in the industry.

Anticipating for 2024

Talking about the future, we can give a sneak peek of what’s cooking for the next year.

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We will continue improving and expanding our network security capabilities based on SSE. With never-ending love for Zero Trust, more ZTNA functionalities are planned. But what will 2024 bring? Let’s meet at the same time, at the same place next year.

Stay safe!

xoxo, NordLayer team

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