NordLayer Linux app release

NordLayer Linux app release

Users of the world’s premier open-source kernel can now enjoy powerful and convenient network security with the release of the NordLayer Linux app.

While manual configuration remains a key feature in our Control Panel, our Linux app expands our VPN offerings to the millions of businesses running devices on Linux-based operating systems. 

With a full suite of VPN features, our cloud-based solution allows users to conveniently access secure gateways around the world, including private gateways through dedicated servers available in dozens of locations around the world. 

Just like all our applications, our Linux offering can be set up and deployed hardware-free in just minutes, giving your teams secure remote access and powerful data traffic encryption.

NordLayer Linux App

NordLayer Linux App 2

The details

Similar to the the robust feature set offered across our applications, NordLayer for Linux features:

  • Powerful command line interface

  • Auto suggestions

  • Full IKEv2 integration (OpenVPN coming soon)

  • Auto-connect on app startup

  • Auto-connect on untrusted networks

  • Secure private gateways

  • SSO integration with GSuite, Okta, and Entra ID (Azure AD)

NordLayer Linux app 3

One of the biggest benefits of our Linux app is its ease of installation and customization. Set up secure remote access and network security with no hardware and 24/7 expert support. Here’s how you can get Linux workstations set up today:

Installing NordLayers for Linux

1. Download the NordLayer repository package

Visit our Downloads page here to get started.

2. Install the repository package

In Terminal, run these commands:

Debian commands:

sudo apt-get install ./nordlayer-latest_1.0.0_all.deb

RHEL commands:

sudo yum install ./nordlayer-latest-1.0.0-noarch.rpm

3. Update your package lists

Debian commands:

sudo apt-get update

RHEL commands:

sudo yum makecache

4. Install NordLayer

Install the application from your package manager.

Debian commands:

sudo apt-get install nordlayer

RHEL commands:

sudo yum install nordlayer

5. Add your user to the application group

The application runs on its own system user and group, so only members of the group have permission to use it. 


sudo usermod -a -G nordlayer $(whoami)

Note that this change will only take effect at next login, so re-login or reboot.

6. That’s it!

Your teams can now connect to your secure network from anywhere.

For more information or technical assistance, please contact [email protected]

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