How CyberCare integrated Zendesk and NordLayer for the best customer support on the market

Case study CyberCare and NordLayer

CyberCare is a beacon of customer support and stands tall with its roots firmly planted in customer experience excellence. With offices in Lithuania and Ukraine, the company’s workforce of 400 employees embraces a hybrid model. CyberCare succeeds in a culture of quality and flexibility, serving millions worldwide.

Profile of CyberCare

Darius Dagys, Head of Business Development, pilots the organization's journey of supporting diverse cybersecurity products by leading external partnerships and automation internally. Operating with client data and handling user requests, the company understands the importance of employing the right tools to make work and security effortless and efficient.

The challenge

On a mission to secure client data effectively

Key pain points

For CyberCare, the security of customer data is non-negotiable. As a company that prides itself on providing superior customer support, it became evident that an enhanced security framework was imperative. 

The quest wasn't sparked by a singular incident but by a continuous commitment to uphold the highest standards of data security and privacy.

“Customers trust us with their data when we provide customer support, making the data paramount. To reflect how we value this trust, CyberCare follows best cybersecurity practices.”

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CyberCare combines various technologies and solutions to achieve the best results. However, when they found themselves in need of a network security tool, the team looked for something to ease their daily tasks, maintenance, and configuration to integrate into the existing technology stack smoothly. 

“With three years of customer support experience under our belt, our team has provided over 38 million solutions to end-users. At Cybercare, we recognize the criticality of automation, the latest technologies, and top-notch quality in delivering  services.”

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Simple integration and high-security standards led the lookout for a new tool. The challenge was unique as the customer support software vendor secured part of the client data. For complete protection, CyberCare needed to ensure that access to the network is secure from its side as well.

The solution

A simple and effective way to add another security layer

Main criteria choosing the solution

The pivot from previous VPN tools to NordLayer wasn't a leap in the dark but a calculated step toward fortified security. NordLayer, with its robust VPN services, offered the perfect armor to shield the valuable data entrusted by clients. 

“Before NordLayer, we had a short sprint with other VPN tools, which were more complicated. They were managed manually and it was difficult to onboard and offboard new CyberCare employees.”

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Eliminating the complexity and creating shortcuts in user management and network controls streamlined the processes of the CyberCare security team.

“IP allowlisting and creation of other policies are configured automatically, so my team doesn’t have to spend much time setting up the tool.”

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The most important thing is that NordLayer complemented already existing tools in use, such as SSO integration and the customer support solution Zendesk. 

Why choose NordLayer?

The choice was clear and devoid of lengthy deliberations. NordLayer promised simplicity, efficacy, and unwavering security. 

“NordLayer solution is very simple to use—no effort required.”

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It stood out as CyberCare needed to navigate cyberspace, ensuring data remains inviolable confidently.

“Having a combination of different security layers and solutions, I sleep well knowing that our customers' data is secure.”

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One of the criteria for selecting NordLayer was its adherence to security standards. Aligning with compliance requirements gives a stronger foundation to a company like CyberCare to be sure all is well on all fronts.

Strategic integration of NordLayer and Zendesk to efficiently protect customer data 

Strategic integration of NordLayer and Zendesk to efficiently protect customer data

Who? Dual synergy

CyberCare employs both internal policies and external tools to manage sensitive data. They emphasize selecting partners like Zendesk, known for its commitment to security and ensuring compliance with the latest standards.

Why? Strategic alignment

Zendesk was chosen for its status as a leading CRM platform, ease of use, and significant investment in security. This partnership was based on the need for a CRM that matched CyberCare's security requirements and business operations.

How? The process

CyberCare leverages NordLayer to ensure that the login process to Zendesk is encrypted and secure. With NordLayer, they assign fixed IPs, meaning Zendesk can be accessed securely via these IPs. This setup guarantees that both the traffic within Zendesk and the access to it are encrypted and safeguarded.

What? The usage

The integration is seamless for employees who log into Zendesk through NordLayer without navigating complex security measures. This not only simplifies the process but also enforces a high level of security by default.

The outcome

An intuitive tool you can forget about

The benefits of implementing NordLayer

The integration of NordLayer into CyberCare's operations marked a new dawn. With NordLayer's intuitive design and features like 2FA, SSO, and static IPs, CyberCare not only safeguarded its data but also streamlined access and management processes. 

“There are two things about using NordLayer in the team. First, it’s definitely easy, as the app always runs automatically in the background. Second, users must select the correct gateway to connect to Zendesk to do their work, so it’s intuitive by design.”

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As for the tool implementation, NordLayer didn’t require long preparations and complicated setups. Simple, from start to finish, the deployment and solution adoption in the team was as smooth as it gets.

“Onboarding people to NordLayer took one hour. We had to make preparations from the back end, but for the team, it was super easy. You just have an app, click connect, and you can forget about it. There was no trouble at all.”

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The simplicity of NordLayer's VPN solution meant that employees could focus on their tasks without the distraction of complex security protocols.

Pro cybersecurity tips

Have you ever thought about your top cybersecurity hygiene actions you perform daily? It’s a good question to ask yourself for a self-check because maybe today is the day you start acting a bit more secure than yesterday.

If you don’t know where to start or want to compare your habits with other professionals, here are Darius Dagys, the Head of Business Development and AI at CyberCare, the top favorite tips everyone should consider.

Darius Dagys, Head of Business Development @CyberCare, about cybersecurity

In essence, the collaboration between NordLayer and Zendesk within CyberCare's operations showcases a forward-thinking approach to data security, emphasizing ease of use without compromising on stringent security measures. This strategic choice not only aligns with their internal policies but also reinforces their commitment to protecting sensitive customer information.

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