How teams segmentation enabled business operations of Invisible Technologies Inc.

Case Study Invisible tech

Invisible Technologies Inc., an agile work-sharing software provider, offers companies AI bot capabilities combined with the human workforce. The automation and outsourcing technology relieves all-industry teams from repetitive work and enables the scale of operations.

Profile of Invisible Technologies Inc

The US-based company operates in 8 locations worldwide, including a few offices in Europe, Kenya, and the Philippines. Invisible Technologies Inc., while still in its early stages, has quickly nailed a successful business model in this industry field. The Sentry of the company René Arias lays down key takeaways for NordLayer being a part of it.

The Challenge

Sufficient security for a fast-growing team

Invisible Technologies Inc. works on the optimization of monotonous and repetitive business processes. The service improves an organization's productivity and performance by utilizing artificial intelligence-defined automation and skilled professionals.

Worksharing service is carried out with partner-client segmentation and access management to third-party environments. Redirection of dedicated teams to universal login destination introduces order and enhances security policies for internal company networks and client systems access. 

However, a fast-growing number of employees and partners created an increasing demand for additional fixed IPs for allowlisting and added options to segment teams. A larger team means more work, so smooth onboarding and offboarding processes are essential to hold a grip on securing the company network.

“Easy upgradeability, troubleshooting, and a good support ticketing system on inquiries to eliminate the IT manager’s headaches and provide stable service usage is a must.”

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A growing employee number equals more frequent incoming issues, so a sufficient service provider became a must for the Invisible.

The Solution

A service without chink in the armor

The company strives to provide agile and strategic growth enablement for its clients. This stance reflects Invisible’s practices in its internal business processes in selecting the right provider.

“Primary approach is a research to find the best VPN provider for growing companies, shortlisting the ones with a pretty high approval rating on different criteria.”

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The highlight of choosing the provider was a combination that would supply security features connected to a simple and easy User Interface (UI) and the capacity to scale together with the company.

“With a quickly expanding company, provider's sufficiency quickly starts to show — it’s mandatory to ensure that potential issues when onboarding users are ruled out.”

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Why choose NordLayer?

One of the principles of developing the Invisible Technologies Inc. product is to manage cyber threats and ensure security for clients and the company.

Provisioning of non-overcrowded private gateways is instrumental for placing and sorting designated agent teams so that the clients can grant access to their tools and software. 

“With NordLayer we were able to spread out the user base to multiple IPs, and that way servers become less cluttered, avoid overloading and eliminate any lag or outages.”

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Clients allowlisting of specific IP addresses for Invisible to deliver the service and have more control over user traffic.

NordLayer’s segmentation to teams

Segmentation Scheme

Containing access to the company network in separate units helps manage user roles and assign teams more efficiently. More importantly, it closes any data breach or malicious actor in one place, restricting free movement within the organization's network.

“Admins create teams, so one user does not have access to all IPs at once or by mistake connect to a job non-relevant resource.”

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The Outcome

NordLayer provides a stable balance of cost and efficiency

The product is easy to navigate and simple to set up from team segmentation to assignment of IP addresses. A vast dedicated server location list and various authentication methods help make sure it’s the right person connecting, despite the employees’ preferred work location.

“Solution allows us to monitor and take reports when users were logged to IP, ensuring security quality.”

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Finding the most suitable service provider might seem like a challenging task. For instance, vulnerabilities in the current infrastructure setup and prospecting company needs sets the criteria for what to look for while shortlisting the potential choice. 

NordLayer design provides heavy security features in a non-cloggy, direct, and fluid manner.

Pro cybersecurity tips 

A chance to learn from the best practices of IT professionals is an invaluable opportunity. Therefore, keep in mind the advice the Sentry of Invisible Technologies Inc. shares with colleagues:


Consider whether the NordLayer solution would be an excellent fit for enriching your service quality with robust security and user-friendly design? Contact our team and get all the information you need.

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