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It’s time to simplify secure access to your company network. With our business VPN, you can do just that. Protecting cloud environments and internal assets has never been easier.

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What is Business VPN?

Network security is essential — more so than ever before. That’s why a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for business is now less of an optional extra and more of a requirement.

A VPN is a security solution that provides a tunnel between your organization’s resources and the employees accessing them. In essence, only employees connected to the VPN servers can access company resources on the network. Since this tunnel is encrypted end-to-end, businesses need not worry about unwanted access or visibility into their network — ensuring complete protection and anonymity of all traffic.

NordLayer remote access solution is designed specifically for businesses — allowing you to mitigate risk, facilitate remote work, and protect your company against cyber threats.

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When Business VPN is needed?

The uptake of VPNs within enterprises has been increasing recently, and it’s no surprise why. Businesses realize that security doesn’t have to come with considerable investment, nor does it have to be a long, complicated process.

Protect remote workforces

Workforces are becoming increasingly dispersed, which is causing headaches for IT admins entrusted with protecting company resources. With NordLayer, your coworkers can utilize secure remote access to their work environments with ease — from any location and even on public Wi-Fi.

Companies with multiple offices in different geographic locations need ongoing access to and use of the corporate network. Wherever their location, users, devices, apps, and data must have the same advanced level of protection. Solutions like Smart Remote Access create secure VPN connections between your network and external devices—easily facilitating remote workers.

View and optimize website content internationally, determine market viability or make QA easier through servers in 33 different countries - just connect to one of our global gateways.

A VPN can control access by authenticating and authorizing users. To do this, a VPN first verifies that a person or application is who or what they claim to be. Then, it determines the user’s identity (usually with a password and/or additional multi-factor authentication methods). Finally, the appropriate access levels and permissions associated with the username or IP address are granted.

Modern organizations use many different devices — as such, these devices must be properly protected against data breaches and other threats. By utilizing a business VPN, you can ensure that every connection is secure, no matter if it’s on a phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop.

Some programs need VPN protection, while others can directly access the internet. Split tunneling is an advanced VPN feature that chooses which programs and apps should have an encrypted VPN tunnel and which could benefit from faster speeds and access to local services. This feature reduces traffic overload on HQ servers and company data centers and helps save costs for hardware.

Securely connect your corporate network with its remote offices to communicate and share resources with them as a single network. Unlike a remote access VPN, which connects individual devices or users to an organization's corporate network, a site-to-site VPN is a connection between two or more networks, such as a corporate network and a branch office network.

Ensure data traffic within your company’s network remains secure. Our business VPN protects all traffic with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption — essentially locking the contents of your traffic and making it unreadable to unauthorized parties.


Why NordLayer is the best VPN for business out there

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Award-winning Business VPN

Best-Of Enterprise VPNs By Expert Insights Spring 2022

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Fastest on the market

NordLayer uses NordLynx — a new-generation VPN protocol that offers an improved connection, faster speeds, and better security measures than other VPN protocols.

NordLynx protocol
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Secures companies of any size

NordLayer can integrate seamlessly with your current suite of applications and resources without disruption to your workforce. This makes NordLayer a great choice as a VPN for small business or a VPN for corporate network.

Learning about NordLayer’s centralized control panel

Centralized control panel

Control Panel is the central hub where you’ll find everything you need to manage your network. You can manage your users, security features, and payment details from one place. It takes up to 10 minutes for an admin to set it up and the control panel let’s you view which users and devices are accessing specific gateways and resources, providing auditable visibility and control of access and activity.

Researching NordLayer’s server locations benefits

30+ server locations

Global presence is one of NordLayer solution cornerstones accompanied by service quality and wide-range scalability. Essentially, geographically tight server infrastructure guarantees a more reliable and rapid connection to a secure environment to operate globally, keeping sensitive data safe and keeping your remote teams protected and present.

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More than just Business VPN

Along with all the features already mentioned, NordLayer also blocks access to malicious websites and apps, prevents forbidden content (e.g. gambling), provides the option to have a virtual LAN when Smart Remote Access feature is enabled and segments access to different resources.

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Integrates with biggest Cloud providers

Nobody wants to spend more time setting up their solutions than actually using them, which is why NordLayer allows for seamless integration into pre-existing company infrastructure. Azure, Google Workspace, AWS, Okta, Google Cloud, OneLogin, JumpCloud and more.

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How to set up your Business VPN

Follow this short guide to download and start using the NordLayer Business VPN in less than 10 minutes.

Sign up

Sign up

Follow the quick and easy steps to sign up for a NordLayer account and start safeguarding your network.

Sign up


Once sign up is completed, you can download the NordLayer application to your device within minutes.

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Start using NordLayer

Start using

Sign into the NordLayer application using your details and activate your Business VPN straightaway.

Getting started


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Fastest support of any service or vendor I've used. They're always there, just a click away in their website instant chat, and the support folks are knowledgeable and resolve queries quickly.

- Paul H

Simple to install and operate, no funny business, and so fast that our teams don't notice they are using it.

- Chris

We were looking for an easy way to securely connect our remote workforce to our infrastructure. This is it. Awesomely quick, friendly, and efficient support. Got us up and running in no time.

- Ludovic

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They trust in us

NordLayer is used by both big and small brands because no matter the size of the company, the security and protection against threats is always airtight.

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Frequently asked questions

Despite the difference in terminology, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology remains the same. Providing a VPN feature as part of its adaptable network security offering for businesses of all sizes, NordLayer can be a small business, corporation, or enterprise VPN provider.

By utilizing a VPN, you can protect all traffic with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption, facilitate your remote workers in any location, and secure all endpoint devices across your network. You can find full details here on what else your organization can expect to gain from a NordLayer remote access VPN

Not long! Depending on your level of know-how and number of resources, setting up a business VPN can be done in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is set up an admin account with us, connect to one of our secure servers, then add your employees from the Control Panel.

Any organization member can use up to 6 devices with the same NordLayer account.