How simplified security matched lean FastSpring culture

Case Study FastSpring

FastSpring is a global e-commerce service partner for software, SaaS, content, and all service-defined companies. The organization, as a digital commerce platform, helps B2C– and B2B–targeted merchant companies handle payment and subscription processing.

Profile of FastSpring

Operating for almost 17 years in the e-commerce business, FastSpring accumulated the experience, practices, and values that define the company. NordLayer is one of the elements of the FastSpring system, and Director of Security and Technology, Stephen Boone shares how everything leads to a current company cybersecurity standpoint.

The Challenge

Adapt security to client variety  

FastSpring is an e-commerce platform that handles the complexity of selling software globally. It seamlessly integrates into the existing client’s infrastructure and helps manage global payment processing, subscription management, checkout, sales taxes, VAT, fraud prevention, and more.

As a result of various use-case amplitude, globally-operating FastSpring has to adjust to many different payment platforms, financial vendors, and government entities, most of which require thorough endpoint security. Compliance with GDPR and PCI DSS standards is imperative in this line of business.

Company security highly depends on its people and their actions. Therefore optimized and effective solutions are essential to bringing the best result out of daily operations and resources the team has.

“FastSpring operates on lean help desk support; thus, having a tool that gives users self-install with very little instruction is critical for the responsible IT unit.”

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Since many checks need to be covered, how does a business achieve security combined with splendid user experience in a most direct form?

The Solution

Easy-to-understand endpoint protection tool

For an organization with a lean-focused mindset, it’s very anticipated that a company will enforce the same approach to its cybersecurity strategy.

“Criteria not to overcomplicate the process, whether it’s a client, own internal system, or a team member, apply as one of the core values in FastSpring.”

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Employee-centric cybersecurity culture dictates the priorities of a company to train and enable its team.

Internally organized periodic phishing tests, dedicated Slack channels to broadcast immediate alerts for workers, or monthly catch-ups on the organizational level about cybersecurity risks is a diligent process at FastSpring, which gives the best results when extended with the right tools.

Why choose NordLayer?

The solution adheres to FastSpring’s lean attitude to provide integrity for its customers and simplicity to the team. A straightforward approach brings no need to address maintenance issues.

“Less stress on the team gives more time to improving the infrastructure, not operations.”

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NordLayer ensures an agile process from start to finish. The solution’s implementation, management, and exploitation are adapted to all involved parties, from top-level decision-makers to IT managers and end-users.

NordLayer’s hands-off deployment, according to the FastSpring

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Suppose there are any stress elements on the company function command line. It may disrupt the service delivery flow and waste the potential company’s employee time and talent resources.

The Outcome

A simple product that just does its job

User self-onboarding rarely comes back with any questions about how to activate membership of NordLayer.

“Activation of member invites has an inquiry 95% non-return rate as instructions and setup is clear and direct.”

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However, it’s crucial that not only end-users have convenient tools that help maintain company network security levels. With NordLayer, IT admins utilize non-hardware infrastructure upgrades and access virtualized IP management support.

NordLayer provides a stable connection to company resources for its users and downgrades the necessity to micromanage every solution implementation step relieving the worry factor.

Pro cybersecurity tips 

Cybersecurity is a culture, so at NordLayer, we care to encourage knowledge-sharing of the best practices among IT professionals.

This time is no exception — take notes and make the best out of pro tips from FastSpring Director of Security and Technology to your organization:

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Consider whether the NordLayer solution would be an excellent fit for enabling your remote team or look for a non-complex cybersecurity approach? Contact our team and get all the information you need.

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