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Unbounce is a marketing technology platform that helps marketers accelerate their conversions through landing pages, AI copywriting, and marketing attribution. The company is fully distributed with offices in Vancouver, Canada, and Berlin, Germany. At Unbounce, data-driven decision-making is integrated with machine learning and AI tools to provide customers with a value proposition of profound and actionable insights. This approach enables companies of all sizes to grow smarter with fewer resources.

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After developing their product for over a decade, Unbounce knows the importance of simplifying business processes — Director of Business Technology and Compliance of Unbounce Arash Masoumi reveals how NordLayer helped create additional value in organizational security and customer experience.

The Challenge

Pandemic-accelerated infrastructure shift

Unbounce wasn’t an exception to facing COVID-19-imposed industry conditions — just like many other businesses, the company was forced to close its offices and move to work remotely.

Unbounce’s preliminary plans to streamline and expand their remote workforces were mitigating circumstances in this situation. The upgrade of a strategic roadmap was in place, and the majority of infrastructure was already set up to provide the possibility of working outside the office.

Some may call it lucky timing. Others may say it’s smart planning.

“Unbounce doesn’t rely on any on-premise systems for network infrastructure except the legacy VPN gateway in HQ. It serves our product engineering team’s connection to the back-end infrastructure.”

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The remaining challenges were going fully remote in case of an outage, simply planning to decouple the organization from the physical office, or having some space redundancies. The remaining physical setup required an alternative way to provide secure connectivity to the infrastructure.

The Solution

On the way to simplified security

Unbounce product combines various tools and solutions that enable marketers to achieve maximum impact from the data in their possession. Simultaneously, the organization establishes multiple security sources and approaches to maximize its protection levels and maintain a robust security posture.

Simplification is the key approach to security management here at Unbounce. Infrastructure is mainly based on the cloud environment, supported by third parties.

“The vendors manage the majority of the security of subscribed security service platforms. In turn, we need to ensure that we secure our devices and the browser endpoints used for connection to our SSO platform in order to achieve a simplified, yet robust end-to-end security.”

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Additional options for connection to the company network provide flexibility in different business operations scenarios.

Why choose NordLayer?

NordLayer provides an uncomplicated connection security solution that enriches the Unbounce cloud infrastructure environment.

The solution enables a virtual private gateway with a fixed IP that provides a connection to the back-end for the engineering team. Besides that, Unbounce saw the opportunity to expand the use of business VPN with other groups within the organization.

“Some of our customers provide a region-specific content setup to their customers. With NordLayer, we found a possibility for our customer support to overcome geo-blocking limitations and improve the service.”

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NordLayer connection has benefited the customers and support teams, reducing many friction points and shortening the customer journey.

NordLayer’s remote user enablement, according to the Unbounce

NordLayer Unbounce Process visualisation

Remote work and off-site team setup eliminated the pain of IT managers at Unbounce. Moreover, global presence unlocked direct troubleshooting for the best quality support as employees no longer have to guess what they see due to location restrictions.

The Outcome

Easy change for a better experience

Initially, Unbounce started using NordLayer with a pilot group of around 30 people. Today the company enabled nearly a hundred people to provide more value to their customers and ease the business processes for their teams.

“First and foremost, using NordLayer brought more confidence and comfort with regards to the organization’s network access and availability. We’ve reduced the risk of disruption to the business or the team’s access to our infrastructure if we lose the connection to the office.”

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Starting with the IT managers, having redundancy or the second option in place can impact the psychological well-being and readiness feeling for the admins’ team. The stress-free deployment makes adopting a new solution relatively quick and easy.

“The rollout was quite straightforward. As all our devices are managed devices, we created profiles for the people remotely for the installation of the client, and supported them through the configuration steps via established user guides.”

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Besides an easy start and scale of a new security measure, responsible managers found the reporting on activity monitoring helpful. A centralized Control Panel brings more visibility from a management and planning standpoint, which has proved very useful since using NordLayer.

An easy change with rollouts, simple implementation, and sufficient support through NordLayer combine security and efficiency under one roof.

Pro cybersecurity tips 

Every company sees or at least should understand the critical role of cybersecurity within the organization. Unbounce has cultivated a robust cybersecurity culture approach by bringing awareness to its employees via phishing campaigns, onboarding sessions, and talks.

Here’s a piece of advice from Unbounce Director of Business Technology and Compliance Arash Masoumi, worth adapting to your company’s security mindset:

Quotes of Unbounce web

Is your organization also lacking that last puzzle piece of security to make access to the network complete, or worry if the team might resist the change? NordLayer has to offer speedy quality service that brings convenience to security managers and is user-friendly for the team. Contact us and learn more about adaptive security.

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