10 best VPN books to update your online privacy knowledge

The best VPN books by NordLayer

This is the age of the Virtual Private Network (VPN). More than 1.5 billion people worldwide rely on VPNs, and organizations of every type routinely use Virtual Private Networks to protect their privacy.

Those statistics aren't surprising. Using the internet would be much more dangerous without the protection offered by VPNs.

What is a VPN?

VPNs use encryption to create tunnels between digital locations. They shield information from external attackers, cutting the risk of data breaches. They allow streamers to work around geo-blockers, and they guard individual liberty against surveillance states.

However, VPN solutions come in many varieties, and effective privacy systems adapt to different network architectures or data flows. Integrating VPNs into your setup requires in-depth knowledge of the latest techniques.

If that sounds daunting, help is at hand. The digital privacy community hosts many articulate writers with in-depth VPN and general privacy knowledge. We've selected the best VPN books from 2024's crop. Check out a few titles to boost your VPN awareness and find the perfect privacy solution.

Top 10 VPN books

  • The Art of Invisibility: The World's Most Famous Hacker Teaches You How to Be Safe in the Age of Big Brother and Big Data

  • Extreme Privacy: What It Takes to Disappear in America

  • CCNP Security Virtual Private Networks SVPN 300-730 Official Cert Guide

  • Build Your Own VPN Server: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Business VPNs: Digital Privacy for Businesses and Teams

  • Network Security Assessment 3e: Know Your Network

  • Implementing Always On VPN: Modern Mobility with Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows Server 2022

  • Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide

  • Beginner's Introduction To Privacy

  • The Watchman Guide to Privacy: Reclaim Your Digital, Financial, and Lifestyle Freedom

The Art of Invisibility

The best VPN books The Art of Invisibility

Nobody understands privacy threats like an experienced hacker. Luckily, a few people have crossed over from the dark side to share their experiences.

Kevin Mitnick (who sadly passed away in 2023) was once enemy number one for the cybersecurity authorities. Years of breaching government and corporate networks gave him insider knowledge that few people can match.

Before he died, Mitnick left this fascinating book about what digital freedom means and how we can protect it. Mitnick shows the limitations of traditional security tools like firewalls and anti-virus scanners. Insider tips about evading hackers and clear-eyed analysis of digital surveillance make this a must-read for VPN users.

Extreme Privacy: What It Takes to Disappear in America

The best VPN books Extreme Privacy

Michael Bazzell makes a living helping celebrities to avoid data breaches and unwanted disclosures. This background makes him well-placed to advise the general public about how to protect online privacy.

"Extreme Privacy" works well because Bazzell outlines a comprehensive blueprint for designing privacy solutions. Bazzell wrote the book with individuals in mind. However, businesses will also benefit from his experience and ideas.

CCNP Security Virtual Private Networks SVPN 300-730 

The best VPN books Official Cert Guide

Moving on to something more technical, this standard guide provides everything candidates need to know when seeking a Cisco VPN certificate. The guide also includes quizzes and sample tests to prepare readers, and the three authors are all seasoned Cisco experts.

Cisco serves around 50% of business VPN service users in the United States, and certification proves that organizations understand how to build secure electronic systems. However, the expertise included in this textbook makes it a valuable read for all VPN engineers.

Build Your Own VPN Server: A Step-by-Step Guide

The best VPN books Build Your Own VPN Server

Building a VPN server is a tricky task. One configuration mistake can expose an entire network. Lin Song's guide to open-source servers is the perfect starting point for companies developing independent privacy infrastructure.

Step-by-step instructions lead readers through configuration procedures for popular VPN protocols. Song covers Wireguard, IPSec, and OpenVPN. He also pitches advice at all major operating systems, always using accessible language.

Business VPNs: Digital Privacy for Businesses and Teams

The best VPN books Business VPNs

Gargiulo and Myers have helped hundreds of businesses implement site-to-site and single-site VPN coverage. This concise guide summarizes their expertise, providing practical ways to balance privacy and business efficiency.

"Business VPNs" will help companies select VPN solutions that suit their networks. However, it goes further than that, offering case studies about managing and maintaining VPNs to block malicious threats. Guidance covers access management, deploying firewalls, and secure configuration policies. Every section connects with everyday business users via case studies and real-world tips.

Network Security Assessment 3e: Know Your Network

The best VPN books Network Security Assessment

This classic from O'Reilly explains how to carry out aggressive secure electronic network testing, including assessments of VPN protection. McNab's textbook defines network testing best practices, with sections for email servers, VPN protocols, general network protocols, and operating systems.

Note: This book has various editions. The most recent was published in 2016 and is much more useful than earlier versions.

Implementing Always On VPN

The best VPN books Implementing Always On VPN

Microsoft's Always On VPN is a popular way to secure cloud assets, protect remote devices, and integrate security systems with Active Directory. However, setting up an enterprise-wide Always On VPN can be tricky.

Richard Hicks cuts through the complexity, explaining VPN basics and core Always On features. If you want to connect VPN coverage to Azure deployments, his guide will show the way.

Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide

The best VPN books Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust is a critical security concept that treats all network users with suspicion unless they can supply proper credentials. VPNs play a central role in Zero Trust architecture by concealing sensitive data behind a wall of encryption.

This explainer covers more than just virtual private networks. Garbis and Chapman discuss firewalls, access management, public key infrastructure, and intrusion detection systems. The authors cover every component of Zero Trust network security.

However, we've included it in our VPN books list because the Zero Trust framework enables companies to make their VPNs more effective. And if you are interested in privacy, Zero Trust is something you need to know about — making this an essential read.

Beginner's Introduction To Privacy

The best VPN books Beginner-s Introduction To Privacy

Sometimes, it helps to take a step back from VPN technology and assess the general privacy landscape. Brockwell's short guide to privacy does just that. She explores what privacy means in the digital world and how we can protect our data against malicious threats.

Don't expect in-depth technical specifications or excessive jargon. The strength of this book is how Brockwell makes complex ideas accessible and readable. It's the ideal volume to skim through to remind yourself why privacy matters so much.

The Watchman Guide to Privacy

The best VPN books The Watchman Guide to Privacy

Better known as "the Watchman" in the privacy podcast world, Gabriel Custodiet is among the most creative privacy commentators. This general guide acts as a manual for modern businesses and individuals as they secure network assets against an endless stream of threats and snoopers.

While Custodiet ranges well beyond VPNs, digital privacy is his core focus. The book features plenty of nuggets of information about how to use encryption and choose the right VPN services. And the rest of the book is crammed with eye-opening material, from smartphone security to protecting financial assets.

Go beyond books to expand your VPN learning horizon

Books are indispensable tools to access knowledge and learn new skills. The publications above offer real-world advice and technical guidance for many critical VPN challenges. However, they aren't the last word in building cybersecurity expertise.

The digital world offers security teams plenty of additional routes to VPN mastery. Wise organizations leverage as many information sources as possible to stay informed about security developments.

For example, VPN companies are often keen to provide information to potential customers. They realize that privacy protection is a grey area for many non-specialists. Educating customers helps them grow their client base while encouraging safer online behavior.

Some companies maintain learning centers that collate expert guidance in an easily searchable format. The NordLayer Learning Center is a great example, covering vast ground across every conceivable security topic.

Privacy podcasts provide regular updates from the coal face. Check out the IEEE's Digital Privacy Podcasts for expert perspectives. Bookmark CPO Magazine as well for executive-level privacy insights and product reviews.

Sometimes, despite all the reading in the world, expert assistance is the only solution. NordLayer can help you navigate the complexities of VPN configuration. Explore Business VPN solutions that combine watertight security with flexible access and efficient performance. Get in touch with our team to discover more.

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