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Benefits of a Dedicated IP vs a Shared IP

By NordLayer
30 Jul 2021
5 min read
Benefits of a Dedicated IP vs a Shared IP

Are you in a business leadership position looking for a solution to maximize your current security infrastructure? Or perhaps an IT admin looking to set secure access permissions for your employees and teams?

Well, you may or may not be aware of an easy way to achieve both. Utilizing a Dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) address gives businesses the ability to protect their workforce. At the same time, they can access the company network from anywhere — simultaneously shielding vital assets away from prying eyes.

If that sounds like it could be suitable for your company, then let’s look at the different types of IP — and determine which one businesses like yours are currently taking advantage of.

What is a Dedicated IP?

A Dedicated IP address is one that only you and your company can use through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). All individuals assigned to this IP address are granted safe entry into the network and secure access to company data — from anywhere in the world. 

When channeled through a Dedicated (Static) IP, all of your online traffic will always remain private and unseen. Implementing a Dedicated IP solution is a simple and effective way to maintain a robust security system, ensuring that all users on your network are trusted ones.

You can utilize Dedicated IPs to control permissions, prevent unauthorized network access, and make sure your team can smoothly access business data regardless of their location.

Can I change my Dedicated IP?

If you assign a Dedicated IP (or Fixed IP address) to a device, the address doesn’t (and cannot) be changed. In comparison, a Shared IP will change intermittently, depending on the server it is accessing. So, it’ll commonly move locations to maintain security — which does not happen with a Fixed IP.

Like those provided by a NordLayer’ Dedicated Server option, a single Dedicated IP is enough to protect your entire company and provide secure network access to your whole workforce. You can then assign the same Dedicated IP address to multiple team members by adding or transferring user licenses via our centralized Control Panel.

What is a Shared IP, and how does it work?

A Shared IP address - or Dynamic IP - is used by other unknown users. All data gets sent through the same server. Instead, a Dedicated IP - or Fixed IP -  is individual to you and your company, utilizing a dedicated server that handles your traffic only. 

A Shared IP will change according to the server, and it’ll commonly move locations to maintain security — which does not happen with a Dedicated IP.

The difference between IP types isn’t in the technology but instead in how they are applied.

Benefits of a Dedicated IP (Server) from a VPN perspective

A VPN is a security solution that provides a tunnel between your organization’s resources and the employees accessing them. By utilizing both a Dedicated IP and a Business VPN, your company can protect and encrypt all data and traffic on the business network.

But this isn’t the only benefit provided by the application of a Dedicated IP to a Business VPN:

Secure Remote Access

Dedicated Servers with Fixed IPs allow for safe and efficient access to company resources. Every employee using a Fixed IP can reach cloud-based networks by setting up a next-gen site-to-site VPN with a flexible solution like NordLayer. Our easy-to-use VPN apps are available on all major platforms, allowing your team to work safely from anywhere, on any device.

Allowlisting your IP’s

You’re in control of who can access specific resources by allowing particular IP addresses, ensuring only authorized employees can access sensitive corporate assets. Segmenting network permissions is achievable by allowlisting your Dedicated IP addresses and allowing teams access to the servers and gateways you choose.

Prevent internal and external data breaches

Using a Dedicated IP alongside a Business VPN ensures that your employees remain safe and anonymous while accessing your company network. Your traffic is also encrypted, keeping it hidden from potentially malicious users outside of your network perimeter.

With a solution like NordLayer, you create private gateways assigned to specific teams and company branches. Moreso, you can utilize specific company servers and customize team-gateway access to manage permissions and protect sensitive business data efficiently.

Dedicated or Shared IP for my business?

A NordLayer Dedicated IP enables you to set a virtual location of your choice for your organization. It also allows you to bypass geo-restrictions, control permissions, and prevent unauthorized data access. Implemented with a Business VPN, you can ensure your team has smooth access to company data wherever they are and keep the most safeguarded areas of your business network… well, safe.

While there are advantages to using Shared and Dedicated IPs, the latter provides a significant step towards complete network security and secure remote access for businesses.

Benefits of a Dedicated IP vs a Shared IP Table

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a Dedicated IP?

Using a Dedicated IP as part of robust security and secure network access solution like NordLayer is highly recommended for businesses to achieve optimal network security.

Does having a Static IP improve speed?

Yes. With a Dedicated IP (Static IP), your own dedicated server handles your and your company’s traffic — nobody else's. Therefore, performance is improved, and speed is quicker than a Shared IP, which uses servers with other unknown users. 

Is sharing an IP address dangerous?

No, it’s not dangerous to share an IP. It is, however, best practice to implement comprehensive access management to your vital resources, protecting them from users inside and outside your network. Ensure those who are attempting to access specific areas of your network are authorized/trusted to do so — having a Dedicated IP address is a significant step towards this.

How do I get a Dedicated (Fixed) IP?

If you sign up for NordLayer dedicated server option, you receive your Dedicated IP, along with a dedicated server that will serve only you and your business.

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