NordLayer features in review: Always On VPN

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A stable internet connection is imperative in a digital world setup. More important is to keep those connections secure. 

In a proactive move towards fortifying cybersecurity, NordLayer’s Always On VPN helps achieve this goal easily. This security feature ensures a VPN-only connection to company resources connection to company resources, online browsing, IP masking, and traffic encryption.

The purpose of Always On VPN is straightforward: to guarantee continuous, secure internet access by disallowing unencrypted user connections. 

Always On VPN reassures IT managers that the company's cybersecurity tools are consistently and effectively utilized. When centrally activated via the Control Panel, end users can no longer disable it.

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The functionality enables effective security policy enforcement that is critical to ensuring adherence to internal company procedures. It helps maximize the efficiency of the deployed cybersecurity strategy.

How does Always On VPN work on NordLayer?

Designed with user convenience in mind, Always On VPN automates the VPN connection, liberating users from the task of manually connecting to the VPN.

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The feature is activated as soon as a user signs into their endpoint using the NordLayer Application with the Always On VPN feature enforced.

Always On VPN guarantees that any disruption to the VPN connection will automatically disconnect from the internet until the VPN connectivity is reestablished. Without any exceptions, every employee can only access the internet via a VPN connection, regardless of their global location.

Always on VPN is easily implemented and configured on NordLayer via the Control Panel to enforce this to all employees or specific users.

How does NordLayer’s Always On VPN feature work?

Always On VPN interweaves with other NordLayer features to offer a comprehensive security package.

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  • The feature ensures the effective operation of DNS Filtering and Deep Packet Inspection features per their respective settings.

  • It complements the ThreatBlock feature, which filters potentially harmful websites that users may access while connected to the company gateway. 

The NordLayer application settings allow employees to toggle the Always On VPN feature on or off, given that the administrator hasn't centrally activated it.

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If the IT administrator wishes to implement the Always On VPN feature across the organization, the end users won't be able to deactivate it once it has been centrally configured through NordLayer’s Control Panel.

How is NordLayer’s Always On VPN different?

Suppose an organization needs to meet strict security requirements imposed by stakeholders or internal policies and wants to ensure that remote users always maintain an encrypted connection. In this case, the Always On VPN feature is turned on for all users.

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On NordLayer, Always On VPN can be disabled for 3 minutes. It’s useful for those needing temporary internet access to log in to the NordLayer app, handle captive portals when connecting to Wi-Fi in places like hotels and airports, and troubleshoot. Although, when the given timelapse is over, the feature restores the VPN connection for the end user.

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A team that travels extensively and frequently uses public Wi-Fi would benefit from enabling the Always On VPN. This reduces risks associated with insecure network connections in an airport or while working on a train.

Organizations that deal with highly sensitive information, such as e-commerce service providers, security agencies, or certain governmental bodies, may require stringent measures to prevent data leaks. Enforcing the use of the Always On VPN ensures that internet access only occurs via a secure VPN connection.

Benefits of Always On VPN

The feature has a positive impact on different stakeholders of the organization. From streamlined internet performance for staff wherever the location they work to a larger picture of implementing organizational cybersecurity strategy. 

End users (employees)

NordLayer’s Always On VPN ensures that the application connects to the VPN automatically, eliminating the need for users to verify their VPN connection status. This offers peace of mind, as working without a VPN could significantly breach a company's security policy, resulting in a data leak.


Implementing the Always On VPN feature allows companies to bolster their security levels. Moreover, it could potentially lower cyber insurance payments due to heightened security measures.

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IT administrators 

Ensuring users fully utilize their organization's cybersecurity tools can be a significant challenge for system admins. With NordLayer’s Always On VPN, admins can enforce feature usage policies and configurations, streamlining compliance and reducing risks with one button click.

Importantly, the Always On VPN feature can be enabled or disabled by admins in a few seconds using the Control Panel. This adds another layer of convenience and control to the system admin's role.

Should you use NordLayer’s Always On VPN?

The Always On VPN feature perfectly aligns with NordLayer’s vision, providing a significant internet access security upgrade. It’s perfect for organizations with a hybrid work model and whose employees frequently travel to other countries. Manual switching of the VPN may introduce security risks, and this feature mitigates such vulnerabilities.

Without Always On VPN, ensuring a secure internet connection can become challenging. This feature enhances security and helps achieve compliance with the organization's regulatory requirements.


What is an Always On VPN?

An Always On VPN keeps your connection secure all the time. Once enabled, it automatically connects to the best server, ensuring continuous encryption and protection without manual intervention.

Is Always On VPN a good idea?

Absolutely! Always On VPN ensures constant security, privacy, and protection. It's like a vigilant guardian for your internet connection, always working in the background to keep your data safe.

What is the difference between a VPN and Always On VPN?

A standard VPN requires a manual connection and may sometimes disconnect, while an always-on VPN maintains a constant secure connection. Think of it as the next level of convenience and protection – with Always On VPN, your security never takes a break.

For more information on secure and seamless connectivity, visit NordLayer.

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